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Post has attachment We teach flight training - fixed wing aeroplanes and helicopters. We also offer IFR instrument simulator flight training you can log as flight hours, and also as seen in this video, practice the closest thing you can get real flying on the Aviator simulator.

Post has attachment We teach flight training - fixed wing aeroplanes and helicopters. We also offer IFR instrument simulator flight training you can log as flight hours, and also as seen in this video, practice the closest thing you can get real flying on the Aviator simulator.

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Training Schedule – What’s Involved In Getting Your PPL Aeroplane Or Helicopter Licence

Eligibility Requirements For PPL Aeroplane Or Helicopter

Pilot Private Licence (PPL) Medical Requirements
PPL Flight Time Experience (50 hours total)
Written Examination Credit (6 exams)
PPL Flight Test

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UAV Drone Training Tauranga

101 And 102 Certification – Courses For Drone Pilots

“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” known as RPAS, UAVs, or Drones. Pilotless remote operated aircraft. UAS stands for “Unmanned Aerial System”, which means the system comprised of the craft, any control station, and radio links between the control station device and the aircraft. The common name for them used by the general public however is “drones”‘

New Zealand Civil Aviation (CAA) rules use the term “unmanned aircraft”, and the International Civil Aviation Organisation prefers RPAS, a “Remotely Piloted Aircraft System” – a form of UAS that is piloted by a person on the ground.

Because drones often share airspace with other aircraft, CAA has stipulated that UAV operators flying above 400 feet AGL (above ground level) or at night, require training and 101 or 102 certification.

Drone Operations & Safety Training

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Flight Training Tauranga

Flight Training For Helicopter, Fixed Wing And Drone Pilots

PPL, CPL, IFR For Helicopter And Fixed Wing. Part 101 And 102 Training For Drone Pilots, Tauranga

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Copywriting Essentials For Content Marketing: How to write engaging copy that sells without selling.

This book takes you through the principles of writing engaging killer content and copy that sells without selling. Mia Gordon has been writing copy and content for clients and her own online business for over a decade.

Mia teaches you the fundamental principles of creating copy that takes readers through all the processes they need to go through before they are ready to take an action. This book teaches you how to become a skilled persuader, how to apply the principles of influence and preconditioning, to convert your audience into qualified prospects - who are ready to do what you ask. The recipe for writing compelling content contains many important ingredients: - Capturing & holding readers attention - Creating desire & motivation - Connecting with readers’ fears & hot buttons - Building trust, confidence & removing obstacles - Delivering & demonstrating value - Building value & justification for purchasing - Many more ‘secret sauce’ ingredients. If you know how to combine these ingredients in the right way, you can easily create copy that’s clear, concise, persuasive, connects directly with readers wants, needs & concerns & sells more of your stuff! Without hype, fluff or anything obviously ‘salesy!’ Learn how to apply the methods & systems the worlds best copy writers use to create outstanding content that converts like crazy! Increase conversion rates from your content. Build trust and stronger relationships with your readers. Create followers that want to come back for more. Create irresistible content people what to share with others. Take the pain out of trying to come up with compelling copy with easy to follow templates and guides that make writing faster and easier. Make your writing more profitable whether you are wanting to improve your skills in: #contentmarketing, #copywriting,# articlemarketing, #articl writing or #socialmediamarketing.

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What is your biggest frustration with social media when it comes to your business? Please let us know by voting and feel free to elaborate in the comments below! We really want to know so we can tailor our content to meet your needs!

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Can't seem to gain traction
Don't understand the platforms or tools
Not sure what to post
Too time-consuming
Can't seem to gain traction
Don't understand the platforms or tools
Not sure what to post

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A Guide to Twitter Analytics
This is a terrific guide by +Ian Cleary of +razorsocial (h/t +Monica McPherrin) that can help you stop wasting time on #Twitter by learning to understand what your #analytics are trying to tell you and then acting accordingly. 

1) Is your audience interacting with your content? 
No? You either have the wrong content or the wrong audience.

2) Are your tweets being seen (tweet impressions)? 
Try tweeting at different times when more of your audience is online. 

3) Do you have a relevant audience? 
If your content is relevant, you should be attracting an audience of people who share the same interest; if you are not, take another look at your content or your methods of growing your audience.

4) Is your audience size and reach increasing? 
If not, there are various tools that you can use to help grow your audience and reach.

5) Are you responding to your audience?
If they are engaging with you and you are not engaging back, they will likely lose interest. 

6) Are you tracking the reach of your hashtag campaigns?
Use one of the hashtag-tracking tools to find out the number of people mentioned/reached using a hashtag. If you are not reaching a large enough audience, you may need a different strategy.

7) Are the links you promote generating traffic and conversions?
If you have built good-will and are sharing useful and relevant information, you will be getting click-thrus and conversions. If you are not getting clicks or conversions, you might want to ask yourself why not!

Definitely worth a read! 
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