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A comparison between  #XiaoMi3  and other flagship smartphones in  scores of +AnTuTu Benchmark, #Quadrant  and +Geekbench 2.

Tell us which one do you want!
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may be ....  if one day we have mi3 S800 64GB
We all know how wonderful it is going to be that's why we all want one!! Stop teasing us and just please please release the 64gb Snapdragon so we can all bask in its glory. The wait is killing me! ;-)
+David G  on est nombreux à patienter, perso elle est precommandée depuis septembre, ça commence à être long, mais xiaomi privilégie la chine ....  Logique ....
WCDMA, 64gb.  Kindly hurry the f*ck up <3
@XiaoMi @Hugo Barra wonderful phone, if only we could have any hope (schedule) for the 64Gb. even if i'm quite sure that it will be in january or worse !!!! 
I would like to see comparison of delivery date to the e-shops.
I look forward to my MI3 because it is a cucumber but these are more false Benchmark that Jackie Chan movies. As you can have a Benchmark of a SD when yet nor had manufactured the phone, not to mention putting the Tegra is better than SD and Benchmark there far reach 26,000 fluke since the vast majority floor of 26,000 and you want me to believe that reaches 36,000 clean smoothly.

Do not create or god
Yo estoy deseando mi MI3 porque es un pepino pero estos Benchmark son mas falsos que las peliculas de Jackie Chan. Como pueden tener un Benchmark de un SD cuando todavia ni se habia fabricado el telefono, por no hablar que ponen que el Tegra es mejor que el SD y los Benchmark que hay hasta la fecha llegan a los 26.000 de chiripa puesto que la gran mayoria baja de los 26.000 y quereis hacerme creer que llega a los 36.000 limpios sin problemas.

No se lo cree ni dios
I think mi3 S800 64GB  is a ghost nobody never see it
Mi3 More like a banana as Xiaomi are going to slip up if they don't release it in December. Still keeping fingers crossed Santa will deliver.
this is shit。my mi 1 spent six months bad.
+David G Our products can be only available in China cause we have no international version yet and the international has not been built
+Yanuar kuswanto We are working on that, maybe it'll come sooner or later :)
David G
+XiaoMi For french people, for example, the WDCMA versions are usable... So, maybe it's not an international version for you, but it is for us ! Furthermore when U see more than 100 thousands of Xiaomi phones being sold in a few minutes in China... selling internationaly might be really difficult ^^
pa sk
Give people a couple of months and you'll not be able to see them among the your customers, because the progress will bring your competitors far ahead.
So give your potential customers a chance to become customers now, or lose them forever.
+pa sk I agree, I find it strange that despite umpteen requests on many threads Xiaomi can't give a release date for 64gb S800. It must be on there production schedule. If I don't get confirmation by end of December I will be looking elsewhere for my next phone.
David G
+Gordon Blair I really do agree ! Am looking for another phone actually, like the ZTE Nubia Z5Sn with Qualcomm S800 and option for 4G LTE
I think it is to much to wait 6 months for the best phone because then it isn't more the best phone I talked from this phone to so many people and their were all so interesting and now...? 
I agree, but one thing to keep in mind is the initial delay on the snapdragon model was due to qualcomm.  No device has yet released with the 8974AB.  We will see them in december and certainly if there is more delay that'll be Xiaomi's loss.

Let's just hope now that the release is imminent they launch it properly and not delay the 64gb version either :)
I hoped so much for 64gb my friends go to China for Christmas 
We will have to see when it launches. The delay with the first 64gb model was getting the network license in china or that phone. Even though its ALMOST the same, it needs the license for the exact specs. Hopefully they already have the proper paperwork submitted so they don't delay the 64gb snapdragon version. I'd highly doubt they are choosing to delay it as the more premium models of phones make a higher profit margin per unit.
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