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Breaking News: #XiaoMi3   #Snapdragon  800 version will be released in mid December. +Qualcomm 
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16GB  :(
64GB = Mid Feb.
David G
+Svetozar K Where did you get this information ? Have heard about january...Am still looking for truth about this...
David G
+XiaoMi Please tell us if both version (16 and 64 Go) will be available... or not ! 
People from +MIUI FRANCE are waiting for ^^
would you PLEASE create an european store with the same prices?
Will this be released in the UK
Buenas tardes:
Primero dar la enhorabuena por el pepino de movil que habeis fabricado pero ¿podrias resolver 2 dudas?
1º ¿El movil que saldra es solo el de 16gb o saldran el de 16 y el de 64 a la vez?
2º ¿El precio se mantendra? Como llevamos esperando medio año al telefono que anunciasteis en junio de este año creo que el precio se depreciado por la tardanza.
Good afternoon:
First to congratulate the mobile cucumber you who have made ​​but you could solve two questions?
1 Does the phone that will come out is just the 16gb or will come out the 16 and the 64 at once?
2nd The price will remain? As we've been waiting half a year on the phone that you announced in June this year I think the price is depreciated for the delay.
the price should also be reduced becausethis phone is not as innovative ... several others are also powerful and efficient
is it a 8974AB version of 800 , which is better then 8974 & i think lg g2 is a good pick
Rafa C
Can we count on 4g lte connection in your amazing new device!
No 4G in china so No 4G in xiaomi phones  ;)  
+David G tnks men , But which is better lg g2 or mi3 i think lg g2 have a better Display ( true ips+) 
David G
+Bharat Bhadu The LG G2 seems to have better hardware, but just looks awful compare to the MI3. And don't forget that the MIUI ROM is awesome !
+David G yeah i know miui rom is different , but i like stock UI (nexus 5) & what the price of mi3 compare to lg g2 
Rafa C
8974AB includes chipset capable of 4G lte connectin to Europe. Why is it not going to be possible with MI3? That would be a terrible mistake from Xiaomi
y'all should also include that piston hands-free and screen protector in one package. Protective cover cases can be optional. (wink)
this is taking too long..might aswell just go for i9505 (S4 variant), the price is almost the same (32gb). :p
They really need to hurry the fuck up with this.  I'm hoping they won't have a delay with the 64gb version this time too since the 64gb model already has proper certification, unless the WDCMA will have the same delay all over again.  delays upon delays upon delays.  At the moment I'm still waiting for the mi3, but if another solid device emerges that catches my interest, and the Mi3 takes too long to get to taiwan, they can try again next year.  Nothing kills customer interest like over-hyping and then delaying for ridiculous lengths of time with little information.   Just my two cents on the matter.
+Dominic Chiesa
 yes exactly. I'm really disapointed with development on the mobile phone market. They annonce new great mobile, but when you ask "When can I buy it", the very very said answer is "In about year from now". :(
Then I would say: Show new phone and start selling it or shut up till you can manufacture it.
PR is nice, but customer can hold only limit of waiting for new thing comming...
+Vlasta Spacek buddy check that lg g2 have best display ( true ips) after htc one's display or lg's devices available in most countries than mi3 & mi3's 800 cpu version not even launch till date
+Bharat Bhadu
 I checked it, I have it in my hands as well. But it has exactly 3 "buts" why I will not buy it:
1) its LG - a lot of my friends had LG mobiles before and all disapointed with HW quality, all said LG never again
2) too big screen
3) too small battery
+Vlasta Spacek The LG/Nexus4 is quite decent y'know..the battery lasts for about a day (normal usage)..and it looks much elegant than that LG/Nexus5 too (its got class yo). :p
The middle of December is over. When we Mi3 Snapdragon news?
Its almost DEC End now. When will it be launched. 
+Vaibhav Jadhav yep.  however I have heard rumor that they are planning to release both the 64gb and 16gb versions of the snapdragon 800 mi3 at the same time.  If they actually do this, the delay will be completely forgiven.
it will relese after gta 5 pc ;-) 
I'm pretty sure i read somewhere that the 16gb variant will be released first..and 64gb sometime later in feb..tired of waiting!! (sigh)
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