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Nexus S. One complete day without charge. Multiple calls texts, some time spent on games and also a video call all with about 30% juice left...not bad at all. Currently using cybergr-mod vers 10 with matrix kernel 18.5.

Just got my hands an the next version of the kernel, flashing now.......
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What size is your battery, stock?
Normal battery that come with the Nexus S. Not stock Android, it's CyberGR-mod of Android 4.0.4.

Matrix kernel version 19 is giving even better performance, I'm on 27 hours uptime with 40% still left
Wow that's crazy good! I'm going to have to check that ROM out then.
I've tried a few but definitely recommend that one. I'm using smartassV2 governer and deadline scheduler
Why does your Nexus S have the Navigation bar?
You can activate it as part of the ROM. I have turned the lights off on the capacitive buttons but they are still functional. It's actually better once you are used to using them, the down side is that out takes up a little screen space however the ROM cleverly resizes everything so you don't notice much plus they fade away on apps that don't require them
Oh okay. I didn't like that it took up space. And still not a fan that they got rid of the menu & search buttons.
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