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The Metropolitan Field Guide
ideas, thoughts and resources for the design of urban wildlife habitat
ideas, thoughts and resources for the design of urban wildlife habitat

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FINAL DAY! Get your answers in before midnight for your chance to win! 

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Through this weekend now!
Haven't had time during the week to participate in the scavenger hunt? Good news! You now have the entire weekend! Looks like a rainy weekend, a great time to experience nature digitally. 

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It's day 2 of the PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt. Submissions are already coming in so you better hurry up and get hunting!

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On your mark, get set, GO! 

The pacific Northwest Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt is here! Meet new nature writers, learn about the Pacific Northwest, and win awesome prizes!!

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Starting tomorrow morning! On your mark, get set........

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Starting Monday, be ready!

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15 Pacific Northwest nature bloggers, 5 excellent prizes.....the fun starts March 16th!

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" Buglife’s Clare Dinham, described how green roofs can provide vital habitat for some of our most endangered invertebrates. She has been closely involved with the planning of a large number of iconic green roofs across the UK, including the roof of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London’s Transport Building, and Barclays Bank HQ."

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Today we launched the 14th TNOC Global Roundtable, a monthly feature in which a handful of people write brief responses to a specific question. The idea is that these function as discussion panels over a three week period. So check it out and invest a little time contributing a comment—the feature is meant to be a conversation, and so please stop by and contribute.

This month's question: Is there such a thing as a "bird friendly city"? What does it look like? What does it not look like? Why bother?

See it here:

…with contributions from: 
Tim Beatley, Charlottesville
Luke Engleback, London
Dusty Gedge, London
David Goode, London
Madhu Katti, Fresno
John Marzluff, Seattle
Bonghani Mnisi, Cape Town
Glenn Phillips, New York
Kaveh Samiei, Tehran
Ken Smith, New York
Yolanda van Heezik, Dunelin
Maxime Zucca, Paris
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"Welcome to Subirdia, Marzluff presents 10 ways you can help the birds in and around your own backyard, and connect with nature in your daily life."
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