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Just posted my write-up of the recent Cyberpunk: Past and Future conference produced by USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab (includes videos, pics, and more). Crazy-awesome day, especially considering it was free (thank you, AIL)!

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Here's a recent (and one of my favorite) Daily Story Seeds: "The Filling Fields"

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Yesterday's Daily Story Seed - "Perspective" (and if you like the one below, follow the link to receive a new one each day by email!):

"_This Story Seed was inspired by a post about an archaeological Egyptian tomb dig that revealed stunningly vivid and colorful murals._

Every time a decades-old family photo album is opened, the perspectives of the photos change ever so slightly. Over the years, Emily comes to learn more about her past than she suspected as the photos slowly reveal what was happening on the other side of the camera."


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My latest project, "Daily Story Seeds," is moving from Twitter to a free email subscription service.


They're little “what if?” writing exercises I like to do (usually inspired by some factual online post I came across).


Sure! Here are three:

“A serial killer uses UV technology to leave hidden clues about his next intended victim on random bills that he then spends before his next murder.”  (inspired by a post on hidden art on bank notes)

“A girl builds a massive ice castle on a beach, plays inside it, then disappears along with the castle when it is melted by the high tide waters.” (inspired by a post on slushy waves hitting Nantucket)

“Godzilla becomes the new bellboy at a distinguished hotel.” (inspired by a mashup of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (one of my favorite films in recent years) and a post on a Godzilla-themed hotel in Japan)

If you'd like to get a Story Seed each day from me, follow the link below:

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I would endure some cold temps in L.A. if it meant this kind of creativity...!
i feel a new hobby coming on!!!
(i live across from an often snowy derelict cemetery.)

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Intrigued I am...!

Well, pretty much. I'm looking to kick off a project that I wrote a first draft of back in the early 90's. In university! By hand!

Here's an early character preview. I'm working with an amazing artist named Nic Brennan (, and I couldn't be more excited about how it's turning out!

One (stiff) measure of a writer's resolve:

"This is the case where a nymphomaniac kept a lover in her attic for many years, keeping him as a sort of a captive stud horse to supplement her husband’s attentions which were woefully lacking. The interesting thing is that the guy was called on to perform three or four times a day and, in between times, having nothing else to do in the attic, wrote adventure stories of the South Seas and built up a pretty fair market in the woodpulp magazines. This shows that only two things are necessary to become a good writer. One of them is leisure."

- Erle Gardner, writer best known for his pulp mystery stories and Perry Mason series, referring to an actual L.A. murder trial.


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Why I think +Osprey Publishing is such an innovative publishing company (and if you haven't heard of this company, you should).

#fantasy #RPG   #gaming #military #history #publishing

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This (free!) 30-day course on figure drawing from +Pencil Kings got me to start something I've wanted to do for years: learn how to draw figures.

Today is only day 3, so you have plenty of time to jump in and catch up (and if, like me, you're just starting out, you'll be amazed at how easy it is)!

#art #drawing
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