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Beautifully written science fiction and fantasy
Beautifully written science fiction and fantasy

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About Nora Mulligan, @NoraMM7

Nora Mulligan is a former lawyer and a present librarian, living in Peekskill, New York, on the shores of the Hudson River, with her husband and two opinionated cats. Nora Mulligan’s story “The Circe Test” will be published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 14…

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New story! One Divided by Eternity - Filip Wiltgren @FilipWiltgren

My happiest ending would be if Offie moved in here and I weren’t alone all the time. “I can’t, Chilli,” Offie says. “There’s not enough room for me.” I know that but I keep asking. I hate being alone. I hate it, hate it, hate it. “Please,” I beg, but…

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It came from Simon Kewin, @SimonKewin

Simon Kewin’s story “The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 16 December 2016. This was a story that grew from its title. I’m not sure if I heard the phrase somewhere or it simply came to me, but I liked…

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A question for Y. X. Acs, @textualism

Q: Duckbilled platypus – result of divine distraction, or alternate universe crossover? A: I’m going to have to go with neither on this one. I’m uncertain about the whole divinity thing, but my thinking is: if there were a creature resulting from divine…

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About T. B McKenzie, @magickless

The gateway drug was Narnia, but pretty soon T.B McKenzie had moved on to stronger stuff. Lloyd Alexander, Ursula Le-Guin and Terry Pratchett solidified the addiction, and then along came the category one names like Jack Vance, Asimov and Iain M. Banks.…

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New story! The Illuminator Leaves - Molly Etta

When the Fata first found me, I was very small, and I had lost my voice. Nevertheless, she took me in, and proved both kind and cruel thereafter. I used to gesture pleas, begging for the return of my voice. But she never seemed to understand why I would…

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Metaphorosis TOC - July 2017 - with stories from @magickless, @NoraMM7, @Preyzar, @kdandenell, and art by Kathryn Weaver #SFF

Table of Contents BetaU – T. B McKenzie The Circe Test – Nora Mulligan HOPper – Charlotte H. Lee Papa Pedro’s Children – Karl Dandenell Cover art by Kathryn Weaver. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

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A question for Filip Wiltgren, @FilipWiltgren

Q: What would your characters say about you? A: Meat-sack. Slow-poke. Lack-logic. Human. Why do they have all the power, humans? They aren’t even powered. Their brains’ failure rates are abysmal. Their performance lackluster. Why can’t a thinking being,…

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About Y. X. Acs, @textualism

Y.X. Acs is afraid of you, but also thinks that you might get along. Y.X. Acs has achieved modest things. If you’d like to learn more about Y.X. Acs, go to: WEBPAGE REDACTED. Y. X. Acs’s story “The Abjection Engine” will be published in Metaphorosis on…

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New story! Trucks in Reverse - Christopher Cervelloni

Kevin’s dad drove the huge water truck out the town gate every Wednesday morning. The brake lights glowed bright red when the truck stopped and the guards opened the gate. The lights dimmed, then disappeared as the truck rolled out beyond the town’s…
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