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It’s important to remember that different types of metal could behave differently once you start working with them. If this will be the first time you’ve worked with a particular metal or form of metal, it’s usually a good idea to get extra in case you need to rework something.

When precision is important in the manufacture of springs and bearings, consider casting with phosphor bronze (Phos Bronze). The phosphorus improves its casting properties, because it makes the metal much more fluid than other bronze alloys.

Steel alloys, like stainless steel, have become a go-to metal for constructing everything from household cookware to buildings to modern art. If your manufacturing facility purchases steel alloys in bulk, we can save you time and money providing the best material and customer service in metal sales.

When making fittings or other equipment that will be used around explosive gases, brass should be your metal of choice. Its properties eliminate sparking, so there is less of a worry of accidental ignition. Let us know the application, and we will help.
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