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New Hometown, New Career, Same old Me
New Hometown, New Career, Same old Me


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More Grief, Another Shameful Spectacle and Still No Action
is wrong with our country? March, 1996, 16 children and one teacher die in an assault on a school in Scotland. As a result,
Britain passes a Firearms Act restricting gun ownership. A slaughter in
April,1996, in Australia results in 35 fatalities. The c...
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Love, Loss and Life’s Disruptions
What’s worse than to wake with the alarm before dawn for an
exercise class, dress, throw on a coat, venture out into the cold and dark,
clear off an ice-coated car window, rev up the car, drive to the rec center,
park the car, trot in the arctic air to the ...
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Football, The Olympics, and Political Games
Mid-winter and
life can be dull. Luckily this year events locally and far afield prevent the
onset of dark-day depression. I mentioned previously
I am not a football fan, but living in the Philadelphia sphere of influence,
home of the greatest upset in Supe...
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Football’s Over, Boomers Sail On and Offer Tips for a Long, Healthy Life
Super Bowl LII
is history. I am not sure when my part of the world reluctantly returns to normal as the Eagles (unbelievable!) Super Bowl win sparks a days-long celebration. Living in a land enamored of the Philadelphia Eagles, a sea of
green swept over eve...
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Come From Away Mesmerizes
…and restores my faith in the goodness
of humanity. “On 9/11, the world stopped. On 9/12, their
stories moved us all.” The one-line
sound bite from the play’s website sums up Broadway’s Come From Away . The
United States closed its airspace immediately foll...
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Winter Escape to the Big Apple
Hub and I walked out of the Port Authority bus terminal onto
the streets of Manhattan, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, 22.8
square miles crammed with museums, restaurants, theaters, tacky souvenir and
gift shops, cafes, take-out food shops, a Sta...
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INSTALLMENT #4 1,017 Days (as of 1/21/18) to November 3, 2020 One year into the current Administration is an opportune
time to look ahead to the next Presidential election less than three years
hence. However, before November, 2020, we must endure midterm e...
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Weekend Writing Getaway
I spent the Martin Luther King holiday weekend at the Poetry and Prose Getaway, my third
endeavor into the realm of intensive workshops sponsored by Murphy Writing of Stockton University , a provocative, thought-provoking, exhausting, educational experience...
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The Color Purple Rocks
In past years,
I have come across announcements of the Color of the Year. Again this year I spotted
a bulletin broadcasting the 2018 color selected by Pantone, manufacturer of
color dyes used on everything – clothing, furniture, home and fashion
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New Year New Computer New Problems
A series of
issues occurred with my Mac over the past months. A visit to the Apple store
fixed issues temporarily, but the genius working on my machine informed me the
battery was dying and could not be replaced. Purchased in 2010, the machine was
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