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Free Google+ Cover Photo Designs If you like these designs, please feel free to download and use em :-)

Good morning, Guys, as you know, Google+ has recently changed the cover image area with new dimensions (better and more compact) and I thought to come up with a couple of simple cover image designs for you to use on your profiles ;-)

I've attached three template designs here. You can simply download and add your name, business name and other details to use it on your profile. It can be edited in photoshop or using any other similar tools.

You need ZERO graphics knowledge to edit these..

If you don't know how to edit in photoshop and all, I've added three separate blank design files with no text. Simply open it in Paint or any such tools and add your text. That's it.

You may download separate files here (blank ones and photoshop templates):

Hope you like the designs and find it useful. Please share your thoughts and expect more freebies :-)

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Ok . Last thing. . Can I download it directly to my phone? 
I think yes, +Marco Barcelon , but you may not be able to edit it on phone I guess. You could do it in a tab though. Happy to help +Francisco C. You too have a wonderful weekend :-)
Thanks +Mervik Haums for this great templates. I shared them with my private circles and public one. Very useful and easy to edit!
Yes, +Amel Mehenaoui it is so easy to edit the blank templates. I assume everyone who can use a computer knows how to add text :-)
Thank you +Charles Heitz. It doesn't take more than an hour to design these. Actually I did it for my profile. Then thought to add two more color schemes and share it here for my friends :-)
Thats great and comming at the right time
will keep you posted on development
Happy to help.. Just let me know if you find it hard to put the text in :-)
Thanks for the info...very nice
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