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Brad Horowitz, the new Google+ chief confirms.

Google put the final nail in the coffin of its ambition to make Google+ a real competitor to Facebook , Twitter and other leading social networks.

Brad Horowitz, who took the reins of Google+ earlier this year , said Monday that users will no longer need a Google+ account to engage with others on Google products. Instead, any Google email or account will do.

Full story:
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+Mervik Haums I don't think it ever made sense to compete with Facebook. The connections are made. You can't change that. I also don't think Google had really a "the one" concept. They simply readjusted the system a bit too late and did not want to communicate about it.
It always surprises me how much attention any news from a G+ chief gets. Especially the tech media. According to them G+ died a long time ago.
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Mervik Haums

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+Henning Sandberg Okholm thanks for your answer. Humm... Alkaline as in 'one of the best measures of the sensitivity of the stream to acid inputs'?
Yeah illness thrives in very acidic environments but I don't see how 'getting alkaline' as you put it would make any difference.
Oncologist are the experts. Chemotherapy is what saved my daughter's life. It works on some and not on others, that's it.
Cruel treatment but in this day in age that's all that can work.
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Mervik Haums

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Sometimes we need some kind of reminders to realize how fortunate we are and about everything we've got. I've made a trip to Dhanushkodi, once a popular town in India with over 25,000 people which got destroyed in a terrific cyclone in the year 1964. Now there's nothing, and the population is below 100 people. OMG!

I don't really understand the emotions formed inside while walking through the remains of the town.

Here's the remains of a Church from Dhanushkodi; it might look so charming; but think about all those people who wiped out of the place before 40 years from it!

I've shared a bunch of other pictures from the trip here >>

Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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I hope not either 
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Mervik Haums

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What to do when your car rolls over? LOL!

Found this interesting story on A senior citizen posing for a picture when the car rolled over. The funny thing is the lady, possibly his wife was still trapped in. lol. Nobody was injured though. The picture also shows another man on top of the car who tries to rescue the woman.

Wondering if he has also posted this on facebook LOL! It's becoming a little weird these days; the first thing people want is to take a photograph and share on their profile and accumulate likes (for what?); even when a building is collapsing; instead of helping others or themselves. Nothing against this old man though :-)

Source >>
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you are look sad
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Mervik Haums

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Found this cool graphic in my fb timeline and thought you guys would like it too :-)

I'm definitely an artist then. Are you? :-)

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Don't give a damn what people think, go for it +Mervik Haums !
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Mervik Haums

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How To Manage Your Google+ Circles Efficiently! Here's how I do it.

Let's take a closer look and see if my circle management approach works for you too >>

Please share your thoughts.

#circlemanagement  #haumsing  #circles
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Thank you' +Mervik Haums
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Mervik Haums

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In my country, our policemen never treat a foreign citizen like this..

SERIOUSLY, in my country, the policemen treat foreigners with respect, especially if they're old.

What's wrong with these american policemen? I'm not saying this just because they have done this to a foreigner, but this is what they do to their own citizens too..

What's wrong with you?? Why are you so racist? 

It's so sad to watch an old man gets grounded like this... 
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AsiA I
white turds should all be deported back to europe
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Mervik Haums

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Just a reminder Be nice, that's all.

Found this meaningful message in my facebook stream thismorning. Thought you guys would like it.

Have a good day! Be nice!

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That sounds fantastic +Ecouter Om :-)
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Mervik Haums

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Wishing you a very happy and wonderful 2015!

Happy new year guys!
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Happy New Year,family this were you use the gifts to make new technology happen.
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Mervik Haums

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Are you finding it hard to stay creative?

If you're finding it hard to stay creative, here's a list of things you could do.

Take a look at this infographic and see if there're things in the given list that you do in your everyday life.

Hope you find a few things from the list that can be added to your list and stay creative. :-)

#beingcreative   #staycreative  
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Have sex
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Mervik Haums

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All I got to say is Wow!!! #Respect. What do you think?
Why Japanese fans were cleaning up after the game // In case you haven't been on the internet the last 24 hours, you haven't seen this viral photo of Japanese fans cleaning up after the World Cup game of their team yesterday. 

If you wonder why they did that, Yuko Shimizu writes: "In schools in Japan, there are no designated adults who are paid to clean schools. From the day you enter the first grade in elementary school, students clean their classrooms and hallways themselves, every day, after lunch.

Parents are told to supply kids with cleaning cloths (which you make out of old towels and clothes) on the first day of school.The first time I didn't have to clean school was when I entered college. 

I think this explains why Japanese are known as some of the tidiest in the world. And, when kids clean their own classroom, there is naturally less vandalization of schools, and kids grow up to take good care of things they use. 

There are a lot of things I don't love about Japan, but this is something school systems in other countries should adopt."

Now think about how you (including myself) treated our schools as children... :) 
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One of the parents at my kids' school collects litter as he walks from home to the gate with one of those "grabber" things. Not sure if he is truly altruistic / green-minded or sucking up to the electorate? (he is a local councillor). I tend to think that it is the former, but the latter might be in the back of his mind at the same time.
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Mervik Haums

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Legendary author Maya Angelou dies at age 86

It's indeed a huge loss. The poetic, beautiful and strong voice is no more. She'll live through her wonderful writings though.

Do you have a favorite quote, poem or work that she wrote? I do have one in my cover picture "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." May her soul rest in peace.

News link:

Picture from:

#mayaangelou   #breakingnews  
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That sounds fantastic Janeen. Take care and have a great day! :-)
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After my post graduation, it didn't take very long to understand what I really want to do (or what I'm skilled at) and I've started experimenting my own 'ideas'. I can't tell if they are/were intelligent, you tell me. :-)

I'm a solopreneur turned entrepreneur and founded IdeaKloud in 2012 to incubate my 'out'standing (because nobody else would have invested in mine, LOL!) ideas with a team. So far so good. I could bring a handful of wordpress plugins and published a couple of how to case studies. Around 20k business people across the globe use our ideas :-)

I love to make things happen in my way and now I'm working full time at IdeaKloud, of course with some fresh ideas. :-) If you're here from Google, you must have seen those infographics I've been working on. I love designing infographics and have plans to bring a content management system + market place for infographics.

Do I have a blog? Of course, I do have one. Please take a moment to check my blog.

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