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Is there anyone else who is super excited to see Jony Ive's magical touch on iOS?

It will be a total game-changer. :)
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Mostly I expect a move away from skeuomorphism. Other than that I don't expect much change in the basic interface mechanics. Perhaps a more functional lock-screen and/or notification center.
To be honest it didn't bother me much... it didn't make a lot of sense, but I was ok with it. Visual refreshes do make it so we users don't get bored with our device choices, though.
Yeah, that's the general thought. For me, it was not a big problem. I even kinda liked skeuomorphism in my beautiful calendar app on iPad. Well if Jony doesn't like it and wants to change it, who are we to say otherwise :)))  
Skeuomorphism had it's time in the beginning of modern UIs (to be explicit GUI). Where the users had to learn how to interact with point and click. The whole metaphor of the "Desktop" needs to be evolved into something more usefull in my opinion. We don't have only a few files on the device we call Mac/iPhone/iPad. Today we have several thousands of music-titles, some dozens of movies and uncounted documents like PDF. In addition we have also a lot of programs to interact with these files. As I see the most painfull task is to find a file stored some months ago, with a title/name that I thought is clear and easy to find... you know the story at yourself I guess.

Here is the point, where the Desktop-Idea becomes a loose end. Spotlight is great, but still I have to look into many files. To make the thing even worse I often use PDF to exchange, because it is more common and not that easy to be altered by the average user.

What I'm looking forward is a lean interface, where things are appear at the time of need, and otherwise don't litter into the netto-space to work. Do you remeber the pics of Word-Users pre 2007 who had only 25% left because the thought every menubar is needed to be displayed?

Or if you use Windows as well, you know this Pop-Up-Boxes if change something: Are you sure? Are you really sure you have pressed go on.... This overprotection was the thing what had me driven away from Windows, and of course all the bullshit around viruses and so on.

Here I guess Jonny Ive can do a lot for at least me. Remove clutter and bring a clean, condensed interface, where things only appear in the right context and time.

But thats just MY opinion, if you agree or not, is your decision anyway.
Marrying hardware and software seems like what has made Apple so successful--making the same person in charge of both of those arenas could make them even better at it.

I think he'll emphasize function and a clean, minimalistic design, which I'm looking forward to.
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