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Mermaids of Earth
Mermaid Statues and Art from all across Planet Earth
Mermaid Statues and Art from all across Planet Earth

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It is official.  The beautiful and charming City of Tarpon Springs on the west coast of Florida is getting a fabulous 6′ 4″ bronze mermaid statue this spring. The statue will tie in perfectly with the city’s strong tradition of … Continue reading →

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The Little Mermaid Centennial Calendar (2014), with photos of the original statue in Copenhagen and also 12 copies of the statue across the world, including China, Romania, the Virgin Islands, Denmark, the United States and Spain.

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The new logo for the Mermaids of Earth website is now in the final survey round to pick the best of these 4 logos.   

Please help by taking this fast survey and voting for the one you like best.


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2012 Mermaid Statue in Oak Harbor, Washington
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