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If content is king, context is divine.
If content is king, context is divine.

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I had my first Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail a few days ago and I fell in love with it. I scoured the internet for a clone recipe but couldn't find one, so I made one myself. Would love feedback on the composition and how close to the real one you think it will be...

Style: Imperial IPA
Type: All Grain
OG: 1.129
FG: 1.028
ABV: 13.22 %
Color: 11.0 SRM
Est IBU's: 229.55
Efficiency: 75.00 %
Batch Size: 5.00 Gals
Boil: 90 minutes

21.00 lbsBriess 2-Row Brewers Malt
1.00 lbsBriess 2-Row Caramel 40L
10.00 ozsBriess Munich 20L
3.00 lbsCandi Sugar, Clear

1.00 ozsCitra(First Wort)
1.00 ozsApollo (90 mins)
1.00 ozsApollo (45 mins)
1.00 ozsAmarillo Gold (30 mins)
1.00 ozsApollo (10 mins)
1.00 ozsAmarillo Gold (10 mins)
1.00 ozsCitra(5 days)
1.00 ozsAmarillo Gold (5 days)

London Ale III - Wyeast Labs 1318 (Beginner)
Trappist High Gravity - Wyeast Labs 3787 (Finisher)

Mash at 152º for 90 min (or until finished), boil for 90 min. Cool, and oxygenate with 1 minutes of O2, or shaking for 2 minutes. Pitch 2 L starter of London Ale III for first 36-48 hours. Oxygenate again and pitch 2 L starter of Trappist to finish it off.

The reason for the two yeasts is to get a decent English IPA style fermentation, but the 1318 doesn't have a great tolerance for over 8% ABV. The 3787 does, and the characteristics I think will be a nice fit for this beer.


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NYC chocolate tour! 

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Maduro from Cigar City Brewing, Fl. Nice, malty and chocolately!

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Of all the beers I had this weekend this one was most notable. Mr Pineapple from San Tan brewing. Not as fruity as I expected, which was good. It was a nicely balanced ale. Crisp and clean finish. Not acidic at all. Great pineapple and citrus nose. 

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Had the opportunity to visit a friend at Greenpoint Brewing this evening and hang out while they filtered a Double IPA. Amazing how much filtering changes the flavor and aroma of a beer!

It was a lot of fun watching the action and taking in the aromas of fresh yeast, hops and beer soaked concrete. 
Greenpoint Brewing
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I did a 5 gal split test for different aroma hops in IPAs (one 2 gals and three 1 gal). Just took a gravity reading (1.010 from an OG 1.057). Wrapped them and setting the fridge to 38 degrees for an 18 hour cold crash before bottling.

Very excited to see how the hops differ with the same grain bill. The winner gets it's own 5 gal batch! 

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EXACTLY!! Glad you programmers have finally caught up  ;-) 


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Jumped into a glass of a Oak aged Bourbon Stout I made in December. It actually got even better. Smoother oak flavors, still not a strong bourbon note. Need to do more testing on getting that flavor thru without creating an oak monster.

#craftbeer #beer

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I imagine this is how +Milaurys Ortega talks about me... #geekhusband

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Imagine the internet if... 

h/t +Jackie Lea Shelley 
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