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Learn how Dr. Chris Harkin helped change the life of a local Stoughton, Wisconsin man diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in this story from WISC-TV / Channel 3000.

"While it’s no substitute for medication, I love prescribing something that’s not in pill form to make my patients' lives a little better!" - Dr. Chris Harkin

Visit Dr. Harkin's profile page to learn more about him:

#ParkinsonsDisease #Madison #Meriter #DrHarkin #Boxing
Jimmy Hahn had no family history of Parkinson’s disease, but his doctor diagnosed him when he was just 45 years old.
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Explore career opportunities at UnityPoint Health - Meriter! #Careers #Meriter #Hiring #healthcare #MadisonJobs
Search for Internet job openings.
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As a community, lets “In Town, Slow Down”, and eliminate car versus pedestrian bicycle accidents in Madison, Wisconsin! #InTownSlowDown
UnityPoint Health - Meriter Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. David Solfelt urges drivers to "In Town, Slow Down" to eliminate car versus pedestrian bicycle accidents in Madison.
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Plans for Wednesday evening? Stop by our Farmers' Market and stock up on fresh, organic produce from 2-6:00 pm
We are proud to host a Farmers' Market at the hospital each week.
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#TipTuesday - Schedule back-to-school physical today.
Dr. Baumann-Blackmore shares why it's so important...
Learn why scheduling your child's back-to-school physical is one of the most important and beneficial things to cross off your to do list today!
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202 S Park St, Madison, WI 53715
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Stop by our weekly farmers' market between 2:00 and 6:00pm today to stock up on locally-grown, organic produce! #farmersmarket #Madison
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Need help choosing a doctor?
Doctor Match makes it easy to find a doctor that fits your specific needs! Filter your search by type of care, clinic or even distance from your home or work address...
Find your perfect match today!
Find a doctor near you by name, specialty, or location at UnityPoint Health - Meriter in Madison, Wisconsin.
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Achieve your wellness goals with these 4 helpful tips! #Goals #HealthyGoals
Brad Rupnow shares four very helpful tips that will help you set your wellness goals and achieve them with success!
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Simplify your skincare regimen and renew your skin's youthfulness with SkinMedica & SkinCeuticals skincare products! Buy-One, Get-One 50% Off (offer ends 8/31/16)
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#FactFriday: Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health problem in the US.
Many people put their hearing at risk every single day; whether it's their occupation, hobbies or lifestyle, excessive exposure to noise can result in permanent damage.
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We had so much last Friday at the PBS Get Up & Go! Day! Check out this PBS interview with Dr. Baumann-Blackmore!
Get Up and Go! Day helps Wisconsin families stay active, healthy, and enjoy the outdoors!
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"We loved the experience and excellent care received at Meriter in comparison."
"Doctor didn't even examine my injured knee."
"This year I was not satisfied with the service."
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Scott Jacobson's profile photo
Scott Jacobson
3 weeks ago
The nurse Melissa Hyman called the police and made up the fact a story in which threatened the clinic staff. I have 4 officers arrive at my house with two weapons drawn. I could have died. I implore you, if you have mental health issues to stay away. She did this because during a panic attack I called her a dumbass.
Nyome Collazo-Santiago's profile photo
Nyome Collazo-Santiago
2 months ago
I had my oldest child and my youngest child at Meriter and would do it all again. They offer specializations which do not even exist at St Mary's and UW doesn't deliver babies. There were some very specific circumstances with my youngest and it was a similar situations with my 3 year old, who was born at St Mary's. The experiences were night and day. I left St Mary's traumatized and combative about everything the doctors and nurses said and did. It left me afraid of going to other doctors. Where as Meriter was a generally warm place, with helpful and kind staff 90-95% of the time. Both my 3 yr old and my youngest spent time in the NICU and while St Mary's says they have private rooms and you're welcome to stay with your baby, if you tell them you want to they look at you like you've grown a 2nd head. Not to mention they have no place for you to sleep or shower and not even the basics of some type of food. I understand the baby is the patient but what mother wants to leave her newborn? Meriter at least provide some very simple food items, you couldn't live off of it but it was nice to be able to grab a quick snack while you waited for family to bring food. They had a communal shower which they regularly maintenances and would happily bring you towels if you needed them. They also had pull out couches and in the one room they didn't have a pull out couch (which my baby happened to be in) they made a cot available. The doctors were much more forthcoming with treatment details and you saw them regularly. I can't say enough about the nurses, they work so hard and are almost all amazing people with beautiful personalities. I would not hesitate to go to Meriter again and will NEVER have another baby at St Mary's.
• • •
Response from the owner - 2 months ago
Hi Nyome, Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are glad to read you had such a positive experience at UnityPoint Health – Meriter. You can also share your story at if you desire. Have a wonderful weekend.
Ashleigh Johnson's profile photo
Ashleigh Johnson
7 months ago
I will never ever go to a hospital other than meriter! I've been in Madison for a few years now and st. Mary's and UW do not even come close to the type of care I have received at meriter. I am pregnant with my first child and every doctor I have had from prenatal unit, to my OB to the ER have been nothing but amazing. I truely do not understand the negative reviews!! Yes, sometimes things don't go as quickly (like the ER) as I would like at times, but it's an ER. They have good and bad days. Even with the nurses and doctors running around trying to get to everyone my care has always been exceptional and beyond expectations!!
• • •
Response from the owner - 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are glad to read you had such a positive experience at UnityPoint Health – Meriter. You can also share your story at if you desire. Have a great day!
Leah Hurtley's profile photo
Leah Hurtley
5 months ago
Wonderful experience in the birthing center. I had my first at St. Mary's and second at Meriter. We loved the experience and excellent care received at Meriter in comparison. Thank you!
Response from the owner - 5 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are glad to read you had such a positive experience at UnityPoint Health – Meriter. You can also share your story at if you desire. Have a great day!
Chengmu Yan's profile photo
Chengmu Yan
3 weeks ago
As I tell everyone new to Madison who's looking for a doctor/healthcare system: I strongly recommend that you do NOT go here. Dealing with overinflated charges and opaque billing from Meriter has been the single worst customer service experience I've ever received. My experience was like Piyush's below. Prior to receiving an outpatient surgery (straightforward, a removal of adenoid tissue), I attempt to find out from multiple people at Meriter what the cost would be. Each told me they would get back to me, and I never heard back. I looked online at various sources and saw that total costs for adenoidectomy ran at most, $5k-$10k. After the surgery, I received a professional services and hospital services bill of ~$2,000, after my insurance paid their portion. Given that that represented the 10% coinsurance I was responsible for, they billed a total of $20,000 (!) for the 1.5 hour procedure (if it even took that long - I fully expect that they took 1/2 that time but billed for the booked OR time). Insane. Afterwards, after spending hours on the phone, nobody could tell me why exactly it cost that much. Multiple labs and tissue samples were included on the bill, none of which anyone could satisfactorily explain to me, and only one or two of which I was told about beforehand. Every item looked inflated past real-world belief ($150 for that hospital paper gown?), such that no single item really popped out. Then, two years later, after reconciling an anesthesia bill, a hospital services bill, and a professional services bill, I find out that I have yet another bill, which I never received, which is now in collections. Turns out they contracted a surgical pathology consult out to another group, which failed to bill me properly. Nobody told me about this bill. Nobody told me I received this service. It's a game of "imagine every possible thing you think they could charge you for, add a zero to the end of what you think it'll cost, then draw twice as many blank lines for them to write in everything you failed to imagine." And my doctor (ENT) was awful as well. Sleazy and rotten, all the way through.
• • •
Response from the owner - 3 weeks ago
We take patient feedback very seriously and we would like to learn more. Would you be interested to speaking to someone directly? If so, would you please send a private message to with your contact information and a patient representative at UnityPoint Health – Meriter will contact you. Thank you.
Piyush Soni's profile photo
Piyush Soni
5 months ago
Lies and creates exorbitant bills for customers, with customer representatives not to help but to take advantage. I was in US for the last couple of days and didn't have a job (and thus no insurance) before leaving the country for good, but I still went there for my wife's 20th week ultrasound. We told at their Cash/Accounts/Finance section upfront that we don't have insurance, and asked for the total cost of a regular 20th week ultrasound of a pregnant woman to be paid in full by me. My HSA card still had $600 left and I said I wanted to go for it only if that can cover the cost. The lady there told me that unless there are some complications, the cost is generally $500 to $600, and since I don't have insurance she can offer me a 20% discount. I was happy, because that would mean around $480 max after discount. When I received the bill (by that time I had already long left the country for good) it was more than $1000, and very conveniently they took out 20% of that as promised. Thus, the bill was $800 instead of around $480 that they had told. And no, there was no complication etc., it was a standard run of the mill 20th week ultrasound test and nothing else (and they charged only for using their hospital "facilities" because the referring doctor anyway charged separately). The worst thing here is, I have to pay now these huge sums when I don't have that much income, and that too from another country with much lower valued currency. And all that because of their mistake - I wouldn't have got the ultrasound test done had they told me it would cost that much. On that premise, they had already charged us $300 in advance. To top that, I contacted their customer representatives multiple times, and no one was there to do anything to my problem, and one of them said, why don't you give us the remaining $300 in your card, promising to send a package through email which could help me reduce the amount I have to pay as I have no US income anymore. I paid, but of course no package ever arrived, that was a trick to get me pay whatever I had left. And sure no one knew the doctor who created the bill, so that I can't contact anyone. Now they're threatening to go to collection agencies for the remaining amount rather than sending any helping package.
• • •
Response from the owner - 5 months ago
Piyush - We are sorry to read about your experience. We take all feedback very seriously. Are you interested in speaking with someone directly? If so, please send us a private message with your contact information.
Bertha Thomas's profile photo
Bertha Thomas
5 months ago
I was taken by amb.about 3 years ago and service was excellent. This year I was not satisfied with the service. Overall meriter is an excellent hospital.
Response from the owner - 5 months ago
We are sorry to read your experience wasn't what you had hoped. We take all feedback very seriously. Are you interested in speaking with someone directly? If so, please send us a private message with your contact information. Thank you.
Jodi I's profile photo
Jodi I
8 months ago
Meriter Hospital, 1/2/16 Over recent years I have had many physical therapist through the Meriter system, as my Physician Plus insurance has total coverage. In so being, I have never had any coinsurance, co-payment, or any additional payments for materials used during these therapies. When I received a Meriter bill for a 6/10/15 P.T. visit, I called the Madison office to question this billing. They had no record of a co-payment nor what the item was being bill for, nor did the Monona therapy office that I attended. Physicians Plus had no real information either, other than it was listed as coinsurance, in which I do not have, so the concession was that it must be a tangible item given to me. My P.T visits were consistent, with the usual tapes, bandages, and/or bio freeze products, so I had know idea what could possibly billable. The previous contact to Meriter back in August 2015 proved to have no merit to its billing practice for a coinsurance in which I thought the Madison staff had taken care of this issue, as I heard nothing further. Then after receiving another bill 12/21/15, I realized that this was not handle by the Meriter billing staffer I had spoken to on the matter. So on 12/28/15 I made the same regiment of calls, getting the same answers, as to no one knowing what this item was that I was being billed for. When call the Monona p.t. office, the new staff there was a bit more helpful than the previous contact, as staff returned my call promptly with an answer. The item she shows in the records was a splint, made of gauze and wax. Oh yes this is a tangible item if you want to call it that, but it is also comparable to the tape that has been used. Also known as supplies. So I called Meriter billing to question this material supply, as a billable tangible item. I was told, that it was of course, and the tape that is being used, is also. She said the tape, is within the bill, to the insurance company. So here it is, materials being billed to the insured, as a coinsurance, without informing the customer that this falls outside of their insurance, and is a poor business practice by Meriter. In addition, the billing department does not have detailed information, as to what is being billed, which falls within this same continuum. Please be advised that the coinsurance payment enclosed, as it is stated in your records, is a reflection of Meriter Hospitals gouging its customers. As my P.T. continues today, it does so outside of the Meriter system. Regards,
• • •
Response from the owner - 8 months ago
We are sorry to read that you did not have the experience you hoped for. We would like learn more. Would you please send us a private message with your contact information and a patient representative at UnityPoint Health - Meriter will contact you. Thank you.