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All teachers wanting to claim provider endorsed hours for the CSER Foundations course need to provide their NESA details. Please complete this form to provide this information.

Welcome to the teachers participating in the public workshop at the Powerhouse museum today. Looking forward to our session on the thinkershield. #pre-moocnetworking

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If you have completed the F-6: Foundations course and you would like to claim the hours for NSW accreditation. You will need to share your contact details with me. To claim hours you will need to have completed the course by December 30 2017. The next upload of hours will be in July 2018.

Pre 2004 teachers should not complete the course until they are financial with NESA.

If you do not plan to complete the course you can claim your hours as teacher identified.

For the NESA standards you need to log into the course and click the
COURSE INFO link on the title bar.

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Unpacking the NSW syllabus. If you would like to participate in a webinar on the new syllabus include your contact details below I will contact you.

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NSW teachers the new syllabus has been released. It is available for pilot in 2018 with endorsement for 2019.
K-6 Science and Technology
7-8 Tech Mandatory

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Teachers in any state wanting to claim hours for NSW Accreditation must supply their BOSTES/NESA number on the form below.

I will be uploading hours for all people who have completed the course as of December 30. If you have not completed the course you can claim the hours as provider endorsed. All standards are listed in the Course Info link inside the course. (check my other post)

The next upload after that will be for completions up to June 30.

Pre-2004 teachers wanting hours must complete the course after you have become financial with NESA in 2018.

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I am currently planning lots of FREE public workshops in NSW for 2018. These will prepare you for the upcoming release of the K-6 Science and Technology syllabus and the 7-8 Tech Mandatory syllabus. Please feel free to come along or recommend to other teachers who have not completed the course.

Sydney teachers there is a free workshop on Thinkershields on Dec 14. End of the year I know but will be hands on with the staff from Power House Museum. Definitely not to be missed.

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We cannot multitask - we can, however, switch between tasks multiple times!

Apply this to your next presentation or workshop: What are you want the participants to do? Watch the screen, listen to you or participate?
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Interesting information regarding the safety of virtual reality for children under 13. #cserTask1
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