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Meredeth Beckett
if i'm not reading a book or translating one, i'm binding one.
if i'm not reading a book or translating one, i'm binding one.

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first DC dinner!

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well, i've already got one on the way, but i wouldn't complain about another. guess i should order some refills here in a minute...
Giveaway for my G+ followers

It is now just over 24 hours until my Kickstarter project closes. To celebate the massive success and get the word out to those who haven't heard about it yet, I'll be giving away a FREE P1 Black pen (in the photo below). What is it? Check out the Kickstarter link below - but with over 1,400 backers and nearly $90,000 raised - people clearly love it!

All you have to do is share this post, and I'll pick one of those that share it (including re-shares) once the project has closed. That person gets a free pen. Enough shares and I may just have to give away an handful!

Then back to your regularly scheduled photography chat!

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the battle of thanksgiving has been won. (^_^)

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well, i figured out a lot of important things about my novel today (you mean MC /didn't/ really steal the data?) (MC was framed!?) (by his own PARENTS!!??), which is great, and i got caught up on word count (ow ow, my fingers!), which is even greater, but i'm also totally braindead and only upright by virtue of the fact that reaching 10k has made me temporarily high. (^_^) (it's time for bed now mkay? mkay. (-_-)zzz #nanowrimo)

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a write-in! (and this toasted sesame bagel is The Win)

ah, 5330, such a nice round number. but, of course, i just realized something vital about my setting that makes my opening scene in desperate need of a rewrite. this'll be version number three...
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