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Quality Interracial Author
Quality Interracial Author

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Very interesting how FILLED this earth is with alternatives to prescription over the counter drugs.

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Love this song!

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Wonder if these are any good?

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Love these for out and about...

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Cannot get enough of listening to this!

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Come and give the excerpt of "Saoirse" a read... won't be much longer now.

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Have to keep up with this one...

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It's coming.. and it won't be long now...
Saoirse - won't be long now, writing like mad, Beta readers following me along the way. Here's the bookcover... sooo close now.


sigh Okay, as is the case with so many writers, I am hesitant to join another group or community because they take time to fully participate. I've been trying to play in the group / class / community for a long time now, and I have yet to succeed.

The reason... TIME - it is so easy to eat it up. I don't have to explain that to anyone that writes, or tries to. We all feel that crunch to get no less than 25 pages, today. And when we don't. Uggggh to bed with irritation.

Sooo, here is my next attempt.

Hello everyone, my pen name is Mercedes Keyes. I've been seriously writing a long time now, since I was 24. So far, I have 19 published works at Amazon. 13 of my books belong to a contemporary drama series I started awhile back, B.O.M.A.W - or The Beauty of Man and Woman. The first thing I wrote was a historical trilogy, Webster Fields - Bk . 1 - Princess Ces'alena, Bk. 2 - Gold Raven, Bk. 3 - Family Reunion. A stand alone, Aphrodisiac. And another series, historical, The Fancy series, Bk. 1 - The Fancy, Bk. 2 - Flight of Fancy... 4 more will be added to that. However, I am working on number 20... Saoirse.

Number 20... is like a wrestling match, like I'm in a serious fight. Because mentally, physically I'm in a place in life where my focus and concentration is not what it used to be.

Sooo... here I am. Let's see what happens next...
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