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Whether uphill or downhill, whether snowy mountains or hot desert: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a true off-road icon. Time to look back on its long-standing history!
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Mercedes designers copied Lada, or they are Russians
+Reza Tehranian Since when is efficient durable design a Russian monopoly? Ever heard of German "grundlichkeit"? They might as wel have been Spartans, judging by the seats of the first generations... ;-)
+Hans de Raad :) I as referring to match box design of the car, it's just too square. Don't get me wrong, love German engineering, just the design could use a bit of round corner. Mercedes is constant in its car design, and then there is this, which doesn't fit anywhere. :)
+Reza Tehranian au contraire, i would argue that this beautiful piece of realpolitik on wheels can fit itself into just about anywhere! ;-)
+Hans de Raad we'll have to agree to disagree:) as a #industrialdesigner I think the design is important, and what a waste of great engineering. This is a Jeep, Land Rover, definitely not a Mercedes people are expected to see and drive.
I like this car, it is the best vehicle in its category... Guys, before talking about the design you should listen carefully to this video and learn the history of the G Class ;)
G级车为什么不能做的宽一点呢?奔驰三厢车向来是以宽车身来追求稳定性的 对已越野车而言稳定性更重要 可是为什么G级车的车宽小于车高呢!在这点上都不如丰田陆地巡洋舰那类SUV!
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