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niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
unit delivery order for me.....ok.!!!
Хорошая машина ! Немцы на высоте.
Zabi D.
Aaah I sold mine yesterday, didn't like it so much.
Zabi D.
+LINEA VINCERO lol man I wish I had this baby (it was a joke)... I'm sure GLK is one of the best.
What else can I get spammed on?
Its realy cool and i hope to be in such a car.
The interior designer should be whacked in the head. What is it with those hoodies over the Nav screen that doesn't match the gauges hood. Also the seat positioning buttons by the front mirror? Really Mercedes? Did you fire all your designers and send them to Hyundai, then hired Toyotas design staff ? Great move Mercedes!
Hey Toyota's are good cars!!!!!! And NOTHING is wrong with that car!!!!
geez ur VERY picky!
I see that the air-condition vents compliments the Mercedes logo. Nice touch.
Agreed - ml class is far superior
Love the fashion.. I'm gonna put this car in my favorite.
Don't even go to ML. That's why out of the league. Even the previous one still looks like it's fresh out of the sketchbook.
hello , I come from Thailand
I would like one of this for xmas!!.... But don't know how it will fit through the chimenee!
Cup holders in that Mercedes? Are you really going to need those? It's not like the owner of a car like this is going to the McDonald's Drive-Thru!
i luv dis car. dis z ma dream car.........
Like it many more.......♡♡♡
dis is fast car & fast car needs fast money d car is gud 
Doug M.
Now available in gray along with black or white. Are German auto marketing types color blind or what?
Mercedes is that car that you can pull up to a club in and get any number of hoes you want. Trust me it works from personal experience. 
No clutch, no shifter, NO SALE!

I will not buy any car that does not have a real transmission.
we se
Love the design but it's still smaller than a C-class inside which is a bit of a let down... Gonna keep the 2011 E-class for a while longer.. :)
The Interior of the car is decent however the rest of the car is quite vulgar....personal opinion
This advertisement doesn't tell me if the car is a hybrid. But it is good to know that monochrome still looks pretty.
The old generation is so much better looking.
Not just the GLK but all other Mercedes models were more beautiful than the new generations!
My dads just odered one...its coming in August <3
Interior looks nicer than that of the current generation, which is drab and cheap.
for the AC vents, they should have used a Mercedes emblem. that's just my opinion though
We have a 2010. Actually wife's car. Its nice but man it it a gas HOG. Its like I'm driving a car from the late 60s. It gets about 10 miles to the gallon. We spend 300 dollars a month for gas for that thing and hardly drive anywhere.
I have one! Great car! So good to drive, specially off road!

Maintenance is too expensive on Mercedes
I enjoy driving Mercedes. Thanks for the manufacturers!
i also have a land rover costly than this car
I love this car though it is not affordable now
Risa H
i would totally buy that
amr hr
best car in the world
Pocket change! now i'm waiting for my delivery next week!
Worst looking Benz I have ever seen....this model does the car no credit
hhaahaha i dont know either of u but fernando that was a hilarious comeback ! LOL
I had some difficulties with this new sharp design (I personally choosed XC60 at the time) but now I find it make sense..... good work !
The steering wheel is on the wrong side.
you are being marketed to.
Superb perfection!!!!
Keith B
Screw the grand kids, I need a rolling lounge, even if it expedites the destruction of the planet.
Their interiors make me feel like I'm sitting... at an office... meeting...
Does it come in diesel in the USA?
we used this a loaner car,my friend i like it..
This car looks awesome. Wish i had the money for it.
...WTF is up with those vents?!? if that's what they are. sorry, but this is not a practical interior or dash if ever I saw one. I kinda get what they were going for... but I think they've missed the plot completely! also, yeah - I kinda guess the cup-holders look to be in the right place, but I doubt it. I bet 100 smackeroos that a fair number of people will be spilling coffee on those stylish white slacks that are so common among the young rap-artist-wannabe's and political retards... erm, I mean "leaders" that will be purchasing.. erm, I mean leasing these vehicles. no offense, but it looks like $#¡t - they could have done better.
Yeah, real nice. However, it's a Merc and will fall to bits and will require hideously expensive servicing.

Having said that, it's a total Pimp Wagon and I want one.
Send me one to test drive on the rough streets of New Orleans for a year or 2. I promise a glowing review.
wow lovele car!i like this car
My ride I like every thing about the car
4 people seating in this car
Not impressed, looks like every other luxury SUV. G class used to stand out.
Nice looking car but i Hope MB fixes their Universal Media Bluetooth issues - had mine redone twice now and still not good. Also need iPhone calibration and coordination. Overall amazing ride and performance! Love the car! 
False: the Bugatti Veyron and the new McLaren F1 are real cars.
yeah now we can all go and feel bad about how are cars look from the inside....
Yay. My boyfriend helps create these.
Interior is nice but the exterior really looks like it was designed by an eight year old. They really need to learn from Audi and BMW when it comes to SUVs.
I would rather drive my old lawn mower like i do now but nice car
just a c-class in a different skirt. feels chincy inside.
Benz what's next? It trips me out how u always seem to find a way to top perfection, nice
Theresa Jenner
What a master piece. The creator needs a kiss. I'd love to test run it.
I feel dizzy my head is spinning already. do make your car a smart car?....................guess....................................................take it to school! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!! random person*that joke was a waste of time.....leave this planet and freaze in space... *me ur fault 4 readin it! wooo!
Where is the shift knob, Mercedes? hmmmmm?
dam thats beautiful baby anyone who is giving it away please wanna be the 1st to own it 
awsome one i really intrested to get one...
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