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Nice but for MB that is the norm I think
increible me encanta el dise~o por dentro y por fuera y los aros se ven brutales
this sexy car i have ever seen
It's a great concept, even if too few of us will drive it. No matter how beautiful cars you make, for me the most important aspect is SAFETY. I was very impressed by the 6D-Vision system, is amazing what that technology can do, I don't know what BMW or other company will develop, I'm not sure they will be able to create a more efficient safety technology, so please implement it on the cars as fast as possible! And for God's sake, put more sportiness in design, especially on the SUVs. Personally, I feel more attracted by the VW Touareg, which I didn't liked it too much before this generation, VW made a good job!
es una puta mierda de coche
es bromaaaaa esta to rechulon
It looks just like a Hyundai Elantra, but I bet it costs 100 times as much! Way to go Merc! I will never buy one of your overpriced hunks of crud
exelente que buen modelo tanto por de tro como por fuera mercedez benz ala vanguardia 
very nice indeed, but its just useless and wasting time if this images only for showoff purpose and never mass produced :(
dyin to hav a ride on it.:).i jst love it.<3
who said dat?? i jst said m gonna buy 1 fr myslf.:)
den u gotta be rich and dat car hasnt come out yet
pasalo al español por favor¡¡¡¡ no se te entiende nada¡¡¡
so who said m gonna buy it now........let d ryt time cum....nd m nt rich m still studyn...gonna be rich sumday nd den m gonna buy..
yes. let d ryt time cum.
while you're at it buy a dictionary as well
ohh yeahhh¡¡¡ is a very nice car¡¡¡yess very good¡¡¡
+Prajwel Pj ik wat it mean btw and ewww but sometimes the innocent makes the mistake of doing that duhhhh
+Cyan XD that is why i told her to get a dictionary so that she can learn to type proper English buddy
oh i nvr wrote nythn wrong...............i jst used sum SHORT FORMS....
+Cyan XD one should always point out mistakes such as these. otherwise people like her though how innocent they claim to be will make a fool out of themselves.
+Cyan XD lol. corrupted? seriously? sex is neither corrupted nor gross. and i certainly don't want to elaborate on the term simply because i don't want to
The best tech is not a Luxury ego, but a way to live our times.
oops m sorry bt may i wat it actually means??
Sami D
omg awesome car
Inside and front (and mirrors!) are awesome. Don't like the rear very much, though.
its a nice car but the mirrors ruin it they are awful
wAw ke padree COCHE, yo kiero uno Asii U_U
how many starving children could you feed for how long for the price of this toy ?
descency has never been in benz genetics
OMG It´s absolutely beautiful and awesome !!
This is a car for women... The design just says that
I guess someone told them their cars were too plain...which was true...but now they've thrown every styling detail at it to try an solve the problem...either that or the new stylists are 12 years old...the interior is especially vile...what is that on the dashboard? Suede?
Maya M
NIce Car!!!;)
design iz so smooth & complete
wow... +Deb byrd wow. My pont is that you should enjoy the things you have. If you have to get a car and you have the money...should you not get one you go gaga over? You don't need to get all "holier than thou" about it.
Nice lines! Very sporty for a sedan. 
lol this reminds me of my dad cause he loves Mercedes-benz
just one word mind blowing creativity.....
Wanna take me on a date in that hunk?
Ooooooo looks cool and awesome!!!!!!! my dad will love that car!!!!! lol
Cuanto costara esa bestia a 200 km. con el asi en un chasquido de los dedos...
the bad thing with this concept cars: You will not build them, Mercedes!
how much you want for it 5,579,349
i want it!! sooooooooooooo badly! ;))
me encantan los rines de sable moro!!! y las gomas de 45/750 r30 !!!
If i didnt buy it i would not enter car again"
Niceee....Wish i cud hav had the car
This car looks amazing...great job
The picture tab on the bottom has a typo. :/
Mar Vé
wuauuuu .... perfect..
m sorry bt u guys i mean +Cyan XD and +Prajwel Pj plz dnt create a mess over it...its my fault and i accpt dat...sorry....
Introducing the 2011 Hyundai Sonata
a new standard is set yet again by Mercedes Benz..... a stunning achievement!
hmmmm... Mercedes benz alien class . . .very extreme . .
I won't even think twice about buying this one. TOO NICE!!
chip r
OK Now put one in my Christmas stocking please. (: :)
woowww. elegan & sporty.... i like it
It is precious, I am charmed with it, have a force. If, does someone want to give it to me?;) I am in search of a car, but I believe that this I cannot permit.
very attractive ....... magnanimity is der in de design itself .
Como decimos en mexico este carro no tiene abuela esta exelente para personas exijentes me encanto
beats ma imagination... terrific concept.
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