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#ContactLens – Menger Eye Centers, #NYC

"Nowadays Contact Lens are found everywhere and are used in every function and occasions. From fashion to treatment purposes, people of all age groups are getting into the habit of using #Contact #Lenses.

A contact lens is a thin plastic lens placed directly on surface of the eye. They are available in all shapes and colors to fulfill various needs. Using Contact Lens without a doctor’s prescription can lead to eye complications, which makes it imperative to consult an eye #specialist before using them.

Following are the benefits of Contact Lens:

• Offer natural all-round vision whilst enhancing your appearance.
• Can be worn every day, part-time or just for going out and special occasions.
• Vision with contact lenses can be as good as, or better than with spectacles.
• Contact lenses can correct almost all eyesight conditions and are suitable for people of all ages.

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Diabetic Eye Disease Symptoms – #MengerEyeCenters, #NYC

"Diabetic Eye Disease refers to a group of eye conditions that affect the diabetic people and these eye diseases include Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic #Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). Below are some major symptoms of these #DiabeticEyeDiseases:

• Cataract: Blur, cloudy, dim vision, nearsightedness, double vision, problem
while driving and reading at night, light sensitivity
• Glaucoma: Patchy blind spots in central and side vision, tunnel vision, eye
redness, eye pain, headache, halos around lights
• Diabetic Retinopathy: Blur vision, floating spots, problem in seeing colors,
dark or empty areas in vision
• Diabetic Macular Edema: Blurry or wavy vision, seeing colors that may seem
washed out

If you’re diabetic and experiencing any of these symptoms or any other problem with your vision, immediately consult #best #ophthalmologists at Menger Eye Centers. They are highly recommended in performing eye checkups, diagnosing Diabetic Eye Disease and customizing the #treatment plan accordingly.

For booking an online appointment, visit our website or call 718.386.1818"

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Cataract Surgery Benefits – Menger Eye Centers, #NYC

"Cataract Surgery is the best treatment for cataracts, an eye condition in which the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, causing blurred vision. The Cataract Surgery is a most popular treatment for completely curing the underlying condition and therefore restoring the vision of the patient.

Following are the benefits of #CataractSurgery:

• Safe and comfortable
• Non-invasive procedure
• Effective, long-lasting and consistent results
• No dependency on glasses
• Feeling more independent
• Better mental health
• Improved self-confidence
• Greater enjoyment of performing social activities, hobbies

You will get all these Cataract Surgery #benefits from board-certified #ophthalmologists and #optometrists at #MengerEyeCenters who effectively perform the procedure of Cataract Surgery in #Glendale, #NYC yielding the best results. We offer most #affordable Cataract Surgery cost while considering the needs of the patient.

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What is the average #cost of #Glaucoma eye drops in the #USA?

"The aim of the treatment of Glaucoma is to lower the increased pressure inside the eye and the treatment options include #eye drops, oral medications and surgery. The #Glaucoma treatment is covered by insurance but with some restrictions.

For those patients who are covered by #health insurance, out-of-pocket costs of Glaucoma treatment usually consists of doctor’s visit, prescription drug or coinsurance #copays of 10%-50%.

For those patients who are not covered by health insurance, the typical cost of Glaucoma diagnosis is $50-$200 or more depending on the ophthalmologist and eye tests performed. The average Glaucoma eye drops cost is about $12-$90 per month or $150-$1,080 or more per year.

The experienced and board-certified #ophthalmologists at #MengerEyeCenters provide best Glaucoma treatment in #Glendale, #NYC. We offer most affordable cost of Glaucoma #diagnosis and treatment that helps to slow down or even stop the progression of the disease and prevent the permanent vision loss.

For more info about Glaucoma treatment #cost, visit our center or call 718.386.1818 for an immediate response."

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#CataractSurgery and #Floaters – How Do They Relate?

"Cataract Surgery restores the blurred, cloudy vision by replacing the clouded eye’s natural lens that is located directly at the back of the pupil, with IOL. On the other hand, Vitreous Floaters occur in the vitreous part that is located in the cavity at the back of the eye between lens and retina. Removing a Cataract and replacing it with #IOL will not diminish the eye floaters appearance and so Cataract Surgery and Floaters are two different conditions.

However, if a patient has eye #Floaters, the increased clear vision after having a #CataractSurgery makes the Floaters little more visible in the field of vision. If a #patient is bothered by large eye Floaters that also interfere with the vision, he/she should consult an ophthalmologist for the treatment of Vitreous Floaters. The board-certified ophthalmologists at Menger Eye Centers provide best #eye Floaters #treatment in #Glendale, #NYC that helps to completely cure the underlying problem and restores the clear vision. "

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Is it possible to perform #CataractSurgery after #LASIK?

"Yes, it is possible to successfully perform the Cataract Surgery after LASIK or any type of laser vision correction treatment such as #PRK, etc.

LASIK and other types of laser treatments help to reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye) so that the eye can easily focus on near and far objects without the use of corrective lenses or glasses. LASIK is used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, whereas Cataract Surgery is used to treat nearsightedness and #farsightedness but not #astigmatism or presbyopia.

It is important for the patient to provide the Cataract surgeon all the records of the eye exams that were performed before the LASIK and that were done after the treatment. The records give the additional information to eye surgeon for determining the appropriate power of IOL to get optimal vision correction after the Cataract Surgery. It also helps the patient to get complete Cataract Surgery benefits and restore the vision.

#MengerEyeCenters is an eye disease treatment center, located in #Glendale, #NYC where the board-certified eye surgeons efficiently perform the Cataract Surgery that ensures the best results.

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"What are the types of #Blepharitis#MengerEyeCenters, #NYC

"The condition of #Blepharitis involves the inflammation of the eyelids and there are two types of #Blepharitis: anterior eyelid inflammation and posterior eyelid inflammation.

1. The anterior Blepharitis develops outside the eyes where the eyelashes are located. The causes of this type of inflammation are dandruff on the eye brows and any #allergic reaction in the eyes.

2. The posterior Blepharitis develops on the inner corners of the eyes and the main cause of this type of eyelid inflammation is malfunctioning of oil glands present in the #eyelash follicles.

If you’re experiencing eyelid inflammation or Blepharitis, consult Dr. Peter L. Menger who #practices #eye #diseases treatments with advanced procedures at Menger Eye Centers. Dr. Peter is a board-certified #Ophthalmologist who is highly accomplished in providing the best treatment for Blepharitis in #NYC along with effective tips and suggestions for natural treatment of Blepharitis restoring the #vision. "

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Causes of #DryEyes#MengerEyeCenters, Glendale, #NYC

"Dry Eyes is the condition in which the eyes can’t produce enough tears or the tears lack quality and consistency that is necessary to eliminate the irritants. There are various causes of dry eyes that include:

#Environmental factors: It includes eye makeup, dry, smoky and windy environment, infrequent blinking of the eyes and wearing #ContactLenses for long time period.
#Medications: It includes medications for treating sinuses, antihistamines, high blood pressure and stress relieving medications, OTC pain relievers, and sleeping pills.
• Changes in the body: It includes side effect due to hormonal imbalance, pregnant women, and aging.
• Medical conditions and procedures: It includes #LaserEyeSurgery, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, #Blepharitis, tears glands damage, vitamin D deficiency, #Rosacea, and other conditions.

For more detailed information about how these factors cause Dry Eyes, visit
Or if you’re experiencing the condition of Dry Eyes, consult Dr. Peter L. Menger who is a board-certified ophthalmologist and is highly accomplished in providing the best treatment for #DryEyes that gives you best results.

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Best General #Ophthalmology Surgery Center in #NYC – Menger Eye Centers

"The quality of a good eye vision can be affected either by aging or different eye diseases. If these eye diseases or eye problems are not diagnosed at an early stage and treated effectively, these can lead to impair the normal vision and even cause a permanent loss of vision or blindness. Fortunately, #ophthalmology eye care is the best solution to prevent the occurring of eye #diseases. General ophthalmology eye care consists of comprehensive eye exams that include different types of advanced eye tests and exams, regular eye check-ups, monitoring and follow-up care, #diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases by using modern techniques, minimally invasive eye surgeries and treatments that are tailored according to individual patient conditions and needs.

#MengerEyeCenters is the best general ophthalmology #surgery and eye care center in #Glendale, #NYC. The board-certified #ophthalmologists, optometrists, and eye surgeons effectively provide the complete #ophthalmology eye care to the patients of all age groups.

For more info about General Ophthalmology #SurgeryCenter, visit our website or call 718.386.1818 to book an online #appointment. "

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Types of #Contact #Lenses - #MengerEyeCenters, #NYC

"There are five main types of contact lenses that are divided according to the material:

1. Soft Lenses: They are comfortable lenses made from the
#hydrogels and
they are flexible, thin and easily fir to the surface of the eye.
2. Silicone #HydrogelLenses: They are advanced form of soft
lenses and they
are permeable that means they can pass oxygen through them to
reach to the cornea.
3. Gas #PermeableLenses: They are rigid lenses but due to their
permeability they can easily fit to the eyes.
4. Hybrid #ContactLenses: These types of lenses combine the
material and features of silicone #hydrogel lenses and gas
permeable lenses.
5. PMMA (Polymethyl #Methacrylate) Lenses: These lenses are
rigid and can’t pass oxygen to the eye and therefore hard to
easily adapt.

You will get best guidelines for Contact Lens care and fitting and tips for a safe use of contacts at the #MengerEyeCenters in #Glendale, #NYC. Our optical center is one of the best #Contact Lens centers in #NYC. For more info, visit our website or #call 718.386.1818.
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