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Y'all already know what this is!
Y'all already know what this is!

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The best phone on the market! 

Hit a little bump in the road today. My daughter had a bit of a breakdown while in school. Today was the first time she actually verbalized that she misses her mother since her passing. I knew this day would eventually come, so I can't say it was much of a surprise. Honestly I thought it would come sooner. We've been talking it out and dealing with it the best we can, and I believe that Lexi has begun to truly accept what has happened. It's a huge relief to know that she is mature enough to understand and process what has happened, but time will tell how much this ordeal has affected her. The most I can do now is be Lexi's father and remind her daily how much she is loved. It's going to take some time, but we can get through this together.

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Google Pixel xl giveaway! 

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I've been using this app called The Panel App. It's super easy to earn gift cards & cash by walking around with your phone! Check it out: 
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