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The United States Supreme Court rules evidence after an illegal stop may be used if there is an outstanding arrest warrant.
The arrest warrant does not have to be connected to the conduct which led to the stop.
This Supreme Court ruling will have a substantial effect on criminal cases in Florida and throughout the U.S. It is imperative to consult an experienced criminal defense #attorney to see how this recent ruling affects you.

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Attorney, Lawrence Meltzer is quoted on the Miami Herald. 

Lawrence Meltzer, said Wednesday that Loughman is “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” “We are vigorously going to represent our client as to the charges levied against her,” he said. 

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On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the state’s DUI testing refusal law unconstitutional, setting a remarkable precedent concerning forced testing of those suspected of driving under the influence.

To learn about Florida DUI laws visit:

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There are several laws on the books in Florida that are designed to protect people's property and personal belongings. These laws involve criminal prosecution for the theft of, damaging of, destruction of or intrusion upon other people's property.

To learn more about #theft #laws visit our website: 

Did you know?

Under Florida Statutes § 741.28, #domestic #violence occurs between people of the same family or household. The law defines "family or household" as people related in any of the following ways:

Husband or wife
Ex-husband or ex-wife
Any person related by blood or marriage, including:
Sons or daughters
Stepsons or stepdaughters
Father or mother
People residing together as a family
People who have resided together as a family
Person with whom the accused has had a child

To learn more you can contact our criminal defense  #attorneys  at: 

A criminal conviction will not only have short term effects such as jail time and expensive fines, it can also lead to long term limitations due to it being placed on your criminal record. When attempting to find employment, rent an apartment, or apply for school, individual can be turned down because of their criminal record.

Fortunately, for individuals who qualify to have their record sealed or expunged, there is a way to keep a minor offense from having a major impact on your future. 

Visit our website to learn more. 

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Read a new blog article about Florida’s implied consent statute. It creates a legal fiction that anyone who obtains a Florida driver’s license or drives on the roads of this state will “consents” to a lawfully requested blood, breath, or urine test when an officer has probable cause of DUI.     

There is a War on #Drugs in the United States, and it has resulted in thousands of people being locked in prison for the mere possession of a substance deemed illegal by the government. Those who are accused of selling or manufacturing illegal drugs are in the crosshairs as an enemy in that War. 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Years! Careful on the roads as many people will make the mistake of drinking and driving which can affect many lives 
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