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I am in LOVE with what you are doing and if you need help in the future setting up Tauranga I would be more than happy to help. 

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Twitter cards look to be an exciting addition for marketers and the like. +Buffer has the inside scoop.

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Nice infograph on running Facebook competitons and what's legal and what's not 

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It's official, one of our very own, Keisha Castle-Hughes will play a key role as femme fatale Obara Sand in the next instalment of Game of Thrones.

As an avid fan of the Song of Fire and Ice novels I'm in a quandary about this news. I feel a sense of somewhat pride that a New Zealand actress has landed this coveted role, yet also trepidation as to whether she has the ability to accurately portray such a character.

To her credit, Castle-Hughes is an Oscar nominated actress but after seeing her somewhat lacking performance as 'Mary' I'm yet to be convinced she has what it takes to meet my own 'high' personal expectations.

None the less, the HBO team would not have selected her if they had any doubts that she could not live up to the part, and I can't argue with the talent of any actors and actresses they have selected this far. So I look forward to seeing how she tackles it and I'm genuinely excited for her. This is a big role that will definitely challenge her acting skills and arguably set the stage for her future as a successful Hollywood actress.

Go get 'em Keisha! We are all rooting for you back home :-)

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I just had to share this one.  lol

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He he. 

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I am adding this to my ever growing list of 'must reads'. 
Google+ University

With 40+ articles and counting, it occurs to me that there’s quite a bit of information on our favorite social network within my site, but they’re not so easily organized or discovered. So, I’ve put together this resource for you so that you can jump in wherever you need to. Whether you’re at the 101 level or the 501 level, there are articles and resources here for you.

GOOGLE+ 101: Introduction to Google+

01. The Power of the +Plus 
02. Social Media Active Users by Network [INFOGRAPH]
03. Should Google+ Be a Digital Marketing Priority? 
04. Top Google+ Influencers and Educators 
05. Learn About the Benefits of Google+ with Mike Allton [VIDEO]

GOOGLE+ 201: Getting Around The Plus

06. How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network 
07. Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]
08. 6 Ways a Formatted Google+ Post Will Increase Engagement and Interest
09. Secret Tips to Using Google+ Circles 
10. The Complete Social Media Cover Photo Guide
11. How to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading 
12. How to Link to a Google Plus Post 

GOOGLE+ 301: Growing Your Business with Google+

13. Manage Google+ Pages from Mobile - 
14. How To Create Google +Post Ads 
15. Are You Mining Google Plus for Gold? 
16. Google+ Releases Gorgeous New Site Badges 
17. Use this Amazing Technique to Increase Blog Engagement on Google+ 
18. Is your brand listening on Google Plus? It should be! 
19. Promoting Content with Google+ 
20. 8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

GOOGLE+ 401: Advanced Plussing

21. How Not to use Google+ 
22. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
23. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers [VIDEO]
24. Should You Plus Your Own Plus Posts? 
25. How To Get Full-Bleed Images on Google+ - 
26. How to Track Google+ Post Impressions 
27. Key to Virality: What's Hot on Google+ 
28. Explore the Benefits of Google+ Ripples 
29. Anatomy of a Viral Post

GOOGLE+ 501: HOAs, Tools & Communities

30. Brand Your HOA to Positively Impact Your Audience 
31. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with Buffer 
32. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with HootSuite 
33. Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide 
34. How to Create a Google+ Community 
35. Stop the insanity! Keep Google+ Community posts off your profile.
36. The Best Google+ Communities 
37. Cleaning Up Your Google+ Communities 
38. Understand and Monitor your Google+ Followers with CircleCount 

GOOGLE+ 601: Google Authorship

39. Google AuthorRank: Fact or Fiction 
40. Google Authorship - are we there yet? 
41. Is Ranking First on Google All That Matters?

This is a lot to cover, so bookmarking this post would be a good idea. (See #11 & #12 above). You can also pin the post to Pinterest!

If you have any questions, or would like more hands-on help developing a strategy for success on Google+ for your business, circle and private message me and we’ll start a dialogue.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on Google+, and start using the platform to learn and grow!

#GooglePlus #SocialMedia #GooglePlusTips #Business  

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The Social Media Hat -

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An interesting read on content marketing. 

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He's got dredds, he's a kiwi from our fair land and he's freaking brilliant. 

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Only #GoT fans will get this. Heh heh.
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