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That near death moment
Have you ever had that near death moment that they always talk about in novels or TV shows? Yes, that moment when your entire life flashes before your eyes, and you're overwhelmed with the sudden realisation that you should've treasured the time you had wit...

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"How many pull ups can you do?"
"How many pull ups can you do?" This ranks as one of the most common questions that I receive in the military. While it may sound like an innocent question, there are many hidden assumptions behind it - correct me if I'm wrong. You can only earn the respect...

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Am I a psychopath? Or am I just human?
This narrative, as with all other narratives that I have written , is based on both actual experiences and events that I've conjured I rest my fingers on my keyboard, watching the text cursor blink, and blink, and blink . This is the third time in the wee...

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The end? The end.
Armageddon. The raging wind slams ferociously against
the windowpanes. Frozen
rain pellets hit the
roof of my
bedroom – relentlessly . I
wait for
the night to be over . I
wait for
the rising sun to
usher this nightmare away . But
it goes on And
on And on. I...

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Faith in humanity...seems like bs to me
Be innovative, make a difference, be anything but ordinary... These are phrases that I've been so accustomed to hear. I've always lived with the mantra that I have to stand out from the crowd, make an impact and, maybe, leave a legacy when my time on earth ...

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Quarter-life crisis?
23. I’m turning goddamn 23 this year. But you know what? I am still perpetually filled with that teenage angst from 10 years ago. There are times when I hate everyone around me – with no bloody reason! Times when I just wanna shut the door, put Simple Plan ...

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10 silly little things that I love about you
Insurance, driving license, a new home... These are things you are forced to start thinking about when you are turning twenty-three. And five years together. When people start (perpetually) asking you, “When are you getting married?!” Life (with your signif...

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Her quest for peace
Peace. In a metropolitan city like London, peace seems to be a rare gem hidden among the rapid footsteps of tardy office workers, the awkward handshakes between newly acquainted colleagues, the turning of a page by an unsettled high school student, and the ...

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A letter to myself (a year from now)
Dear Mel, You're probably working on your essay right now, with a cup of Earl Grey tea, slightly sugared and perfected with a dose of semi-skimmed milk, as usual. You're not the type who gets excessively flustered or stressed over things, unlike Marcus. On ...

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Calling out to my fellow Singaporean citizens, aged 18 and above! I would really appreciate it if you could spare 5 minutes of your time to complete this survey for me. I'm writing a politics dissertation on the changing political landscape in Singapore and would need as large a sample as possible. Please share it with your friends as well! For those who are interested in the results, I will be making it available upon graduation so keep a lookout/drop me a PM! Thank you so much :)
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