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Conversation in the car today:

Mom: "The Boy told me he saw a badger yesterday, in the Mall parking lot."
The Boy: "Yes, I did!"
Me: "Huh. So, kid, do you even know what a badger looks like?"
The Boy: "no"
Me, Mom: <<Dies Laughing>>
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And if they hadn't posted it, I was going to post the badger song.  :p
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Hey, the Plus!!

I'm so excited to share that I have opened a Society 6 shop. If you've ever wanted to see my Art &/or Designs on art prints, or other swag, keep an eye on this page:
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Because, #Spring !
Free Spring Wallpaper!
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Ooh... I need this so much 
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+Wanda Howe​ this site made me think of you <3
Edited by. Folkert, Atley and Will Running on. Cargo. Collections: Architecture · Generative art · Collage · Drawing · Typography · Sculpture · Photography · Painting · Planet Earth · Feed · Index · About Test · Monday, May 4, 2009 — Status: Half Asleep.
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Ooh, thanks +Mellie B ! <3
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Via +Scott Cramer​.

I was alive... for a while. Oh well.
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Crispy Human coming right up!  :-)
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Mellie B

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15+ Cars That Winter Turned Into Art - a few look like they're covered in fur.
Winter's a beautiful season, but let's face it – if you wake up on a work day and find your car snowed or, worse yet, iced in, it sucks. Once in a while, however, winter will throw you a break by covering your car in beautiful frost, ice and snow art.
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OMG those are gorgeous!
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Mellie B

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Oooooh!! Goin' on the wishlist!

You want my Darling, Quirky, Sketchy Cat on your couch, but don't want to clean up the hair? GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

This is now available! :) Tell me what you think?

Also looks adorable on a tote:
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Guise! This is my hair! Got it done March 7, but took me a while to find the pic my hairdresser took :)

Ping for +Mz Maau+Kathryn Huxtable+Carrie Canup​ for the other-coloured hair :)
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Real, fake, or other.... this made me laugh :)
Found this dog yesterday afternoon. Has a collar thing on him but nothing else. I'm not really a dog expert but I think it might be some kind of lab mix. He's not aggressive or anything so I think he
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A buck an ear.

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shared without comment
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Very funny

Mellie B

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This is definitely worth the watch.

Also, +Mz Maau​ .... i feel compelled to tag you. <3
In what is clearly the most fascinating and terrifying video ever recorded, marine biologists outfitted a giant squid with a camera. After leaving the surface, there is some back and forth tactile banter with other squids. At about the 1:00 mark the squids are all flashing brightly to each other like strobe lights... an insane squid rave...
Jan. 21, 2015 - (Silent Video) New research reveals that the giant humboldt squid communicates by quickly changing the color of its skin. Footage from the ;National Geographic Crittercam ;shows that the squid's rapid flashing takes place only in front of the other squids, so this behavior is possibly being used to attract mates or warn rivals.Read this article about the humboldt squid's flickering behavior.
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It's stuff like this that make me thankful I chose to live as far from the ocean as Minnesota.
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