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Secret Weapon for Applying Vinyl Decals Straight and Level
You guys know the struggle is real when it comes to applying vinyl straight on the surface, right?!  Of course you do!   Large
projects especially  - such as vinyl wall decals or wood sign stencil.
They can be a huge challenge and while the hinge method t...
Cool gadget that helps you align and apply vinyl decals straight, even and level.
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Silhouette CAMEO 3 Not Cutting? Here's Why!
If you're having trouble with your Silhouette CAMEO 3 not cutting there are a few reasons why. Don't worry - you don't need to send the cutting machine back, you just need to know what to look for so you can trouble shoot. The most common cause for the Silh...
Silhouette CAMEO 3 not cutting? Don't worry! HEre are several things to check when the Silhouette CAMEO 3 Autoblade and ratchet blade aren't cutting or aren't cutting through.
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Free Valentine's Day Silhouette Design Set
It's Freebie Friday and this week I'm sharing two cute and free Valentine's Day Silhouette designs with you! I originally started by creating this design...but then realized my son probably wouldn't wear it.  So I figured I'd use the same heart and the same...
Set of free Valentine's Day Silhouette cut files. The coordinating set of designs is perfect for boys and girls!
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Thin and Soft Heat Transfer Vinyl! The Best Cut Settings for Ultralite HTV
If you've been on the hunt for the perfect thin heat transfer vinyl to avoid the bulk, wrinkles and 'patch-like' feel when layered - allow me! I recently got my hands on some Ultralite heat transfer vinyl . It wasn't love at first sight...but now. OMG. Here...
The best thin, soft and stretchy heat transfer vinyl to use with Silhouette CAME - plus the perfect cut settings to prevent curling while weeding.
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Upcycle Old Silhouette Cutting Mats into Re-Usable Stencils
Don't throw out those old Silhouette cutting mats...they make awesome re-usable stencils! We all need to get new cutting mats for our Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait every once in a while - but instead of throwing out the old ones or struggling to clean and re...
Use your old Silhouette CAMEO cutting mats to make re-usable stencils cut right on the Silhouette machine.
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Silhouette Pixscan Registration Failed? 9 Ways to Fix the Error
I have never had more love for a Silhouette product than I do for the Silhouette Pixscan Mat ...unfortunately not all Silhouette crafters can say the same thanks to Pixscan registration errors. If you've met the Pixscan registration failure error I really h...
If your Silhouette Pixscan Registration failed - fear not! This Silhouette CAMEO tutorial will walk you through nine things to check while you troubleshoot your Silhouette Pixscan mat and photos!
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How to Make Fabric Tassels with Silhouette CAMEO (Free Silhouette Cut File)
Tassels are a really hot trend right now that's why it's great that you can make fabric tassles with your Silhouette CAMEO! This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I am so excited to have Jamie from Craft Chameleon on the blog today to show u...
Learn to make your own DIY fabric tassels easily by cutting the fabric with your Silhouette CAMEO! It's a fast, fun and cheap way to accessorize!
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Silhouette School Turns 3: We're Celebrating with a Week of Giveaways!
We've got lots to celebrate at Silhouette School - namely our three year blogiversary!! It's hard to believe that three years ago this week, I launched Silhouette School as a "sister site" to my original DIY blog . Silhouette School quickly became my flagsh...
Silhouette School turns 3 and celebrates with a giveaway a day! Enter to win a huge prize pack each day of the week starting January 16, 2017.
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Cutting Fabric with Silhouette CAMEO and Terial Magic Tutorial
The Silhouette cutting machines are gaining more and more popularity in the sewing and applique world. It's no wonder when you consider how crisp of cut lines you can get when cutting fabric with Silhouette CAMEO. To cut fabric without fraying with a Silhou...
The secret weapon that will make your fabric cuts on Silhouette CAMEO perfect!
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12 Silhouette Studio 4 Wish List Items That Already Exist!
The long awaited Silhouette Studio 4 hasn't hit Beta testing yet...but it's coming soon . I can tell you that! Awhile back I asked Silhouette School Facebook followers what it is they'd most like to see in the upcoming version of Silhouette Studio
Silhouette Studio Version 4.0 wish list items that are already do-able in Silhouette Studio 3.
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Free Family Celebrations Board Silhouette Design Cut File - needs work
It's a new year and if you're like me you have a list of projects on your "to do" list like finally making a Family Celebrations Sign. Lucky for you I have a free cut file for you today! We've teamed up with Ola from Cutting Modern for this week's Freebie F...
Want to make a Family Celebrations Board or Family Birthday board? This free Silhouette cut file is all you need and it's free for personal or commercial use!
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Using Silhouette Studio Properties to Remember Font Names and Styles
Font name not showing in Silhouette Studio? I get asked all the time what's the trick to remembering or finding out the font name used in a Silhouette Studio design after the font's been modified. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own The sol...
If the font name isn't showing up in Silhouette Studio it's because the font's been edited in a way that it's no longer a font. Use the Shape Properties to remind yourself of the name of the font used!
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