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Super amazing!
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Situation Report – Operation Buddha
( #SitRep   – #OPBuddha  )
0845 hrs – 0945 hrs, 28th Feb’ 2015 

This Op is dedicated to all the awesomeness we witnessed in the world of ingress.

India has always played a crucial role, supporting global MU score, may it from either faction. Our worthy opponents Resistance have awed us many times with their awesome coordination on field, during anomaly and during artifacts. We were inspired by their team spirit, mixed it with our strategization skills and set ourselves to achieve a feat, previously unthinkable of.

As a TL; DR, here are the quick stats:
Total Mind Units Captured: 17.5 BMU (14BMU within Check Point)
Total Number of Layers (established): 91 (83 across Check Point)
Total Number of Links (as per plan): 207
Total Execution Time: 50min (40min within Check Point)
Total Portal Count: 105
Preparation Time: 7 months
Agents Involved: 90
Cities Involved: 14
Anchor Cities: 7
VRLA Used: 0

It doesn’t matter which color you wear, if you’ve been around in the world of Ingress, these numbers are bound to strike you with shock and awe. For all the right reasons - it was no small a deal.

The single most impressive mind unit operation till 27th February, 2015 was OP BudDhi: , with it’s 5.3BMU (5.9BMU globally). Closely followed by the recent worldwide resistance op, Unight16  - which managed to capture a staggering 4.7BMU globally, along with their other achivements to mobilize agents.

These numbers used to be held high with much respect and inspiration for a long time now. But, Enlightened India had been planning to set the bar a bit higher. Almost 3x as much as its own past glory. A goal, that’s not only mind-numbingly complex & spine-breakingly hectic - for most, it’s on the line of a moonshot or lunacy.

The Conception & Planning:
Back in early September, some inspired agents set themselves to break the previous world record of Operation BudDhi by capturing even more Mind Units, calling it the “Bigger Op”. The draft plan was to include Delhi, Bangalore & then newly enlightened city Kolkata as the main anchors.

With time, dedication, availability of keys, multiple iterations by incredible planners with experience from Op Buddhi - that plan eventually became Operation Buddha.

Agent Sheldor & Djasdak went down their memory lane - with an incredible story to tell, with far more details. You’re encouraged to find their Memoire CoSitReps from the links below.

OP Execution:

Early in the Morning, agents from all cities prepare up to the tasks they were delegated to. Forming teams, learning the execution strategies, or to be on time for the cross-link takedowns.

The OP had a total of 14 phases, each with substantial amount of details to follow, in very specific order, within a very short amount of time.

By 7:30am, all local teams are briefed, tasks & keys delegated & execution phases explained.

By 8:00am, agents are all in position, cross-link take down team starts their job after getting the go from the Op Control team. Minor hiccups there, but were managed skillfully. Nothing unplanned for.

At 8:50am, Delhi team is given the GO to start linking. Delhi, Kolkata, Rourkela & Hyderabad links start coming in. Minutes after, the Hyderabad team starts layering on top of the base links.

From 9:00-9:20am, control moved to Bangalore. Starting with Bagepalli (~100km North of Bangalore) and then to Whitefield (North-East end of Bangalore). The Bagepalli team faced mild network issues, taking rather longer for the fields to go up. Quickly after, with an astounding average of 5 links per minute (in proper order, synced and ack’d between teams and the control), Whitefield teams start linking. Everything went smoother than imagined, with a little Just-In-Time change in link order.

Meanwhile, some cross-links start appearing in Tirupati. XLink Control Master takes over and local resident agent takes down those xlinks in a very tight ETA. This is all while the tens of links going out, and is being managed in parallel.

Around 9:25am, Kolkata team starts linking to Coimbatore - with longest of links and making the highest MU layers. But were only able to do half the job within time - East Kolkata portals yet to be linked, with agents waiting for their turns.

9:30am, Checkpoint is Reached!

But without any hitch, agents complete their respective linking orders & fields. MU gathered contributes to the OP, though not to the checkpoint - but that’s okay!

Most agents weren’t aware of the full picture of the OP. Especially, because it was still under scrutiny even the night before. Which helped a huge deal. Because once agents saw the full picture of the complexity involved and started realizing how big an OP it was - it’s simply appeared scary. The appreciation & respect for the Planning & Control teams’ dedication instantly became paramount.

Oh... that, and the laggy scanner!

Wrapping Up:
As you must have imagined, 7 months of planning, preparation & execution is not a small tale to tell. Not that all the parts are equally interesting to everyone. Hence, we’ve planned to dive into the details with the help of CoSitReps. Those Companion Situation Reports will go deeper into the specifics that they will discuss & are a massive gold mine of information. This one, however, is the bootstrapping page - to be shared, to be bookmarked, to get back to and to be inspired.

Post Script:
There has been concerns regarding this OP may have been the effect of the new Illuminator badges. It is simply not the case. The OP has been in the pipeline for a long time now (i.e. wasn’t planned/prepped with Illuminator badges in mind). Secondly, most of the participating agents had their Onyx Illuminator already; the ones who got Onyx while in the OP, are marked with a * in the agent listing. The average MU collected per agent, for the participating agents, were more than 100 Million MU, with agents 1.5+ Billion MU captured topping the chart (@cyanokeet).

CoSitRep Links:
- Agent Memories - 
- Regional Reports
Delhi -
Bangalore -
Kolkata -
Hyderabad - 

Agents & Roles:
Master mind: Sachin Shenoy, Bangalore -@sheldor
Op Controller: Dhandeep Lodaya, Bangalore -@djasdak

Xlink Control Master: Rajesh Manjunath, Bangalore -@darks3id
Xlink Control Support: Vinodh Selvaraju, Tirupathi -@SudoAgent
Xlink Control Support: Ashwin Samuel, Tirupathi -@killcreek
Xlink Control Support: Suresh Krishna, Tirupathi -@TheDestined

Key Harvesting:
Manjunath Bagepalli MANDAR1N
Aishwarya Bangalore ashae9
Jubin Bangalore BATMANslayer
Naveen Bangalore Alzh
Sachin Shenoy Bangalore sheldor
Karthick Coimbatore Gr33nvip3r
Shiras Babu Coimbatore CODR3D
Sivanesh Coimbatore AUT0B0T
Afsal Coimbatore Afsalbase
Rohith Hyderabad Hyddude
Divyaansha Jamshedpur deathon8
Abhijeet Ashwani Kolkata Raywyrm
Sidd Kolkata Illuminatus2
Deb Kolkata DebS
Sumit Kolkata Dey21
Swapnil Sanghvi Pune rhaegor
Anuj Rourkela AnujAg

Key Transporting:
Aishwarya Bangalore Ashae9
Akshay Bangalore amisra
Aridaman Bangalore velabugah
Ashutosh Bangalore ChanandlerBing
Karan Mumbai SmurfBusters
Deb Bangalore DebS
Varun Bangalore d00mslayer
Shiras Coimbatore CODR3D
Sivanesh Coimbatore AUT0B0T
Moumita Kolkata TheSigyn
Shankar Kolkata pewpewpow
Anuj Rourkela AnujAg
Nikhil Rourkela ingr33n

Cross-link Clearing:
Jayanth     Bangalore   42SilentSouls
Mayur   Bangalore   fuzion
varun     Bangalore     d00mslayer
vinay     Bangalore     BigBOSS
Srujan     Bhimavaram   Monsape
Gopinath     Chickbalapur   gopir1594
Suresh     Chirala     TheDestined
Shiras     Coimbatore     CODR3D
Anubhav     Delhi     GreenPresident
Divyanshu     Dharwad     TheLastApache
Karthik     Erode   Gr33nVip3r
Ankit     Itarsi     TheDrunkenLord
Brijesh     Wardha   brij
Vijay       Itarsi   NeoMaster
Ataullah     Rajahmundry   ataullah
Govind     Rajahmundry   Uploadingvirus
Rohith     Rajahmundry   HydDude
Sharad     Tirupathi     urBadKarma
Aravind     Tirupathi   arurockzsz
Ganesh     Trichy     Hu1kRage
Balakrishnan   Vijaywada   BalgusMax
Karunakar   Vijaywada     Psychline
Makrand     Wardha     oOoMaCoOo
Suraj               Bhopal   Achilees001 
Suman     Kolkata     Ravan11
Arjun     Jamshedpur  tomcat10

Control Field Layering:
Abhik   Bangalore    saha80*
Abhinav     Bangalore    linkedIN*
Adhithya   Bangalore    XADHIX
Aishwarya   Bangalore    Ashae9
Akhil   Bangalore    ripthejacker
Akshay   Bangalore    Ag3ntO07
Anshul     Bangalore    Hokanaka
ashik     Bangalore    atombomb
Ganesh     Bangalore    Imperator
Gopinath R     Bangalore    gopir1594
Jasmin     Bangalore    supjgeorge
Jayshree     Bangalore    cyanokeet
Jubin     Bangalore    BATMANslayer
Keerthan         Bangalore    Tsunami7*
Keshav     Bangalore    lifeofpai
Manjunath       Bangalore    MANDAR1N
Moumita          Bangalore    TheSigyn
Naveen   Bangalore    Alzh*
Omkar     Bangalore    Lead Toxin*
Prajwal     Bangalore    rpxtreme
Sam     Bangalore    MugavarS
Sharan            Bangalore    Vintageprotocol
Shivani     Bangalore    AshenLady
Deb     Bangalore    DebS
Tejus     Bangalore    TJKV*
Vaibhav   Bangalore    vaiyach
Vinay     Bangalore    BIGBOSS1
Abhinandan    Delhi   nandx64*
Ajmal     Delhi    AjmalAkhtar*
Akshat     Delhi    N3CROMANC3R*
Aravind     Delhi    ARKode*
Nikhil     Delhi    Diaeresis
Prashant     Delhi    PsychicGeneral*
Shashi     Delhi    00sac00*
Shubhankar   Delhi    Psykidelix
Sumit Dey     Delhi    Dey21
Vatsal     Delhi    BoyWithNoName
Vikram     Delhi    GeneralVik*
Vivek     Delhi    WanderingLord
Abhishek     Hyderabad    livingarmor*
Nikhil     Hyderabad    ingr33n
Salman     Hyderabad    SammySheraz
Suresh     Hyderabad    JVS85*
Tanishq     Hyderabad    d3mios
Ziaullah     Hyderabad    Dragon123
Arjun     Jamshedpur  tomcat10
Abhijeet     Kolkata    Raywyrm
Debabrata     Kolkata    y2k007
Pranav     Kolkata    Veektor28
Priyankar     Kolkata    anku90
Rashi     Kolkata    Crox21
Saptarshi     Kolkata    VajRahaTha
Shankar     Kolkata    pewpewpow*
Sidd     Kolkata    Illuminatus2
Subhadip     Kolkata    Firels
Swarnava   Kolkata    Swarnava

Fun Trivia:
 - Once cities were finalised, there were 17 version of layering plans, the maximum being 112 layers and minimum being 89.
 - Rourkela and Bangalore were the common anchor cities in both Op BudDhi and Op Buddha.
 - The Harvesting of Rourkela keys was done by an L2 agent Anuj & happens to be the first set of keys to be farmed for the OP.
 - The Op was supposed to happen long time back, but then artifact hit Delhi and agent burnout derailed it.
 - Only one layer of the full set between, Coimbatore, Kolkata & Delhi, was done before checkpoint. We missed 2.5B MU before checkpoint due to that.
 - Indigenously developed tools were used to describe, validate and confirm layering plans.
 - Cross-link team accommodated many last day changes to help all the crosslinks to go down in one shot!
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Melissa North

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ShoYoFields Atlanta!

We had a month to prepare and plan. Rules weren’t out until the week before the anomaly. Still, we need to field and we need to field big BUT, just in case that doesn’t work, we should look locally as well. 

+robbie brewer was the mastermind behind all our field plans and organised players from all over the local states to participate in fielding, clearing, throwing blockers and assist as back up where needed.

Come Sho Day, all keys were in place, final teams were ready and we started clearing lanes. +Harry Zeng operated the local fields and the team got their field up for the entire of M1. This was exciting! The teams were ecstatic and they pressed on to start clearing for their fields for M2. In the mean time, I was working with my team to clear lanes for the megafield. 

The west lane was cleared a lot faster than expected so we threw the link. We didn’t want Resistance trying to field through, so thought bugger it, let's do it. Now focusing on the north lane and east lane, we see that Resistance agent 1DarkPassenger is active up in Dawsonville so we watch them and send our clearing agents to the town 30 minutes west to clear a blocker...and we have blockers thrown by 1DarkPassenger north out of Dawsonville and to a portal further south, so DrQuack needs to go back to Dawsonville and we send SwaggyKeith to kill the south portal. Quick, get that link up!

Meanwhile, SuperJimmy was demoted to NotSoSuperJimmy, even PrettyAverageJimmy. Our Greensboro cleaner has gone AWOL. Where is he? That’s the last area we need to clear to close the field. GreenCatalyst, portalwars and Monogenes were all prepared to drive at least 1.5 hours from their locations to clear the area in the expectation that Jimmy doesn’t show his head. Not long after agents start moving toward Greensboro, Jimmy pops his head in and transforms into ClutchJimmy. In the end, CrazyJimmy makes it to Greensboro at the same time as Monogenes and they clear it for us just in time for M2. ThankGodJimmyIsStillAlive certainly gave us a scare a couple of times but definitely gave us a laugh.

Both our southern anchor and north-east anchor were attacked between M3 and M4 and the field came down. Our agents were there the whole time, so they put the field back up and we layered. In total, for all the fields that went up, we captured approximately 10 million Mind Units. Not too shabby Robbie, not too shabby at all.

All while this was happening with the megafield, the local field team were clearing lanes for the fields they were going to put up in case the megafield didn’t last. In some of the down times, agents may have been dispatched to occupy the local alehouse to enjoy the view. We have no pictures to prove this though, so it’s merely conjecture at this point. 

Our teams were amazing. They were professional, they were fast and they were hilarious.

Massive thank you goes to +robbie brewer, +Shaun Blum and +Jacob Stewart for your efforts and hours in planning these fielding operations and of course, to our most awesome fielding and blocking teams because without you, the fields simply wouldn’t have gone up. 

Congratulations to our Atlanta teams. You fought hard and you won. It was most definitely one of the best days we’ve had in ingress.

Planners and Operators:

Team Members:
Magical CatBoy
Methos Kai
Aria Lake
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+robbie brewer :* 
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I often worry that our fields won't go up, but this weekend, we had a different sort of worrisome situation arise in Canada and Paul who was operating his first major op had a rather tough situation to deal with when one of our agents became frost bitten.

In observing the communications, Paul was very professional, clear and concise in his direction and I cannot thank him and the team enough for their efforts.

Thank you for sharing this Paul. Tremaine, I hope you recover quickly.

Much love and respect to everyone who participated. I'm honored to have even been a small part of it.
Paul Chavady originally shared:

Written from the perspective of a first time operator

2 weeks ago, +Derek Perrin  invited me to run point together with +Suzanne Huggins  on an operation he had dreamed up. He told me he wouldn’t be present at the time but wanted us to coordinate the clearing of lanes in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I agreed, having NO idea what I was in for. The next thing I knew I was in hangouts and slack with people around the world, including the legendary +Brandon Downey . Suzanne and I started planning our clearing with the help of the veterans and not long later we had our plan in place. On Friday evening +Lisa Chavady  and I settled in to ‘Mission Control’ and started our arduous lane crawl. Our mission was to clear lanes from a cabin deep in Prince Albert National Park to the US border for a lane that would end up all the way down to the site of the first nuclear explosion, codenamed Trinity by Robert Oppenheimer in New Mexico. In addition we were clearing the Canadian portion of lanes to the Lockheed Martin facility in California, as well as ‘Stone Cairn’, a portal not far west of the Nevada border. We had everyone in place between one and two hours before throw time, and though we had a few last minute blockers pop up, we had a quick response from some agents in the field including +Scott Rattray  and +Jeff Olfert . At this point we were awaiting a check-in via Telegram from the Grey Owl team, consisting of Derek Perrin, +Tremaine Lea  +Josh B  and +Chris H-L . They left Saskatoon on Thursday and started their hike to the northern campsite. They spent the night in the middle of Kingsmere Lake at sub-zero temperatures and reached the northern campsite Friday afternoon. They warmed up and then departed the Northern Campsite and were snowshoeing the rest of the way, a 1-2 hour trip. With all agents in position, they checked in at 22:11 Saskatchewan time, right on top of the portal. They reported that they were concerned about getting out of there due to soft ice, but were ready for business. They logged off, promising to check back in at 22:45. Just after this check-in we ran into a snag in New Mexico with a blocking portal that was unreachable due to a gate. +Andrea Stansbury  was on the case, and rerouted the players to the other end of the area to try and reach it from there. Unfortunately this would cause a 20 minute delay in throw time. Soon after that the Stone Cairn team checked in and informed us there was in impassable rock fall 7 miles from the portal and they would have to go on foot. We advised them to go ahead but didn’t hold out much hope for a second layer. 22:45 ticked by and we waited for check-in with bated breath. 10 minutes later, they checked in and reported slight device issues, but nothing they couldn’t handle. We informed them of the now modest delay. At 23:14 we gave them the go-ahead to claim the portal and they proceeded to do so. It took a little longer than we anticipated as the system to get them all on wifi at once wasn’t working, and they had to log on one at a time but they got it done, apparently unnoticed. In the mean time, we started dropping our blockers and finished up in 17 minutes across both countries. The first link was thrown and just over 6 minutes later the field was closed up. Not long after that Derek messaged his girlfriend +Karen Innes, a Resistance agent, on COMM, stating they were in trouble. He then popped back into Telegram and stated that they needed help. I immediately called Prince Albert National Park, who defer emergencies to 911. I called 911, who transferred me quickly to the RCMP in the area. I gave the sitrep, including portal locations and medical status and shared all pertinent info. I believe Karen was doing the same thing at the same time. I then proceeded to contact a close friend of mine who lives in the area and knows the RCMP officers there (he happened to be in California at the time). He spoke to his friend who confirmed that they were suiting up to get there with snowmobiles but anticipated an ETA of 3-4 hours. I relayed that to the Grey Owl team and they advised that they thought the medical issue was too severe for that long of a wait. I passed the info back and waited. Not long later, Karen informed me that they are dispatching STARS air ambulance with an ETA of 2 hours. 

The Medical Situation

As anyone who does any kind of hiking knows, it’s important to plan for every eventuality. The Grey Owl team did just that and consulted with all the right people, including the park ranger for Prince Albert National Park. There is always a chance that something comes up that you can’t handle yourself, and in that case you need a plan to contact emergency services. Think of it as the same as a skier stuck on a mountain, or a hiker who breaks his/her leg and requires an evac. Keeping that in mind, here is the medical side of the story.

As mentioned earlier, they were to depart from the northernmost camp to snowshoe to the actual portal. The plan was for them to do that, finish their work and snowshoe back to camp, where they would stay the night. On the way to the portal, about 50 meters to their destination, Tremaine stepped in icy water/slush. This had not been an issue for the days preceding, but it happened to be right at the shore, where often the ice pack can separate from the shore, allowing icy water from underneath to flow overtop of the ice. That is what occurred here. They rushed to the cabin, which is a heritage site and therefore has no functional stove or other means of heat. They removed the boots and socks, and proceeded to warm his feet as well as dry his boots/socks. This is standard procedure in this situation. Between their arrival and the end of the throw, the situation started to worsen. They couldn't dry the garments and the foot started to grow frostbitten. That’s when Derek made the decision to call for help. If they tried to head back to camp to bring help or, it would be a 3 hour hike (add an hour due to the dark) and they would have to leave Tremaine behind. Rule number one of being stuck in the cold is to stick together so they ruled that out. A six hour round trip like that would almost certainly be fatal. They could stay behind and warm Tremaine until help arrived for him, but by that time they would be too cold to successfully return to camp. Lastly, they could call for help and request an evac for all four, which is the route that was chosen, and the right call for all. They warmed Tremaine’s feet with their cache of chemical hand warmers as well as by placing his foot on their stomachs and rotating periodically so as to not lose too much of their own body heat. Tremaine was airlifted by STARS and Derek rode along, while Josh and Chris waited the additional hour for the snowmobiles, which took them back. Tremaine was treated and released, and suffered second degree frostbite with mild blistering. This would have been much worse if the team didn’t know what steps to take. He is walking already, albeit gingerly.

Big thanks to the following people:

A huge thank-you to:

+Pardeep Bains  who put up Tremaine for the day
Willie Birss  who helped Pardeep retrieve Tremaine’s vehicle from the tow lot
+Heather Dorosh   who drove Tremaine's girlfriend Laurie D from Calgary to Oyen
+Keith Galenzoski  who drove Laurie from Oyen to meet Tremaine
And the Saskatoon and Calgary Enlightened and Resistance who are raising money to cover costs

It was a hairy experience, but it was handled professionally and in a timely manner. The way these things should be.
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Totally amazing in many ways.  Firstly the lengths that these guys will go to for a field and also the support from the Ingress community as a whole with the rescue and getting people and vehicles where they should be after the incident. Well done to all in volved
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Oh my, that is some beautiful colours out at KI
Land Time Forgot

Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia
NIKON D600 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 19 mm, 1 sec at f/11, ISO 100

We’d be spending a few days here in Penneshaw (which is a township on the northeast coast of the Dudley Peninsula on Kangaroo Island, and is the island’s main ferry port with regular services from Cape Jervis on the mainland).

Whilst having lunch on our first day here I noticed that a lot of the rocks higher up out of the water were covered in this fabulous golden orange lichen. Driving in and out of town I also spied this very nice looking little rocky bay with tons of these orange tipped rocks scattered everywhere literally right next to the main road. I’d seen images of rocks like these from the Bay of Fires in Tasmania (and had for some time wanted to go there and shoot them) but I had no idea I’d find them here on Kangaroo Island.

Having settled in at our accommodation out of town, and had dinner, I decided to head back to this location for sunset.

It’s not a particularly good location for either sunrise or sunset given that the sun rises and sets behind you over the land rather than out over the sea. However these orange rocks were too good to pass up and who knows where I might find these again (pretty much everywhere around the island as it turned out – but I wasn’t to know that at the time :)).

I unfortunately arrived late for what was a pretty damn good sunset (probably the best sunrise or sunset conditions for our whole trip as it turned out). I scrambled out of the car and headed straight onto the rocks – I was just incredibly lucky this is literally ten metres from the car.

It’s 8:24PM (just a few minutes till sunset over there behind the hill off to the left) and with a hastily arranged composition before the colour in the clouds vanishes I managed to grab my first shot…

#kangarooisland #southaustralia #penneshaw #orange  
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incredibly vivid picture, very well taken
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..:: The Simple Things ::..

It doesn't happen often, but when it does I want to be there to witness it. I've come to see that the vibrant, colorful skies that are associated with sunrises and sunsets are actually quite a rarity. Every day I observe the sky but only once every few weeks am I treated to such a display of glory. Perhaps this is what makes them so special. Last Friday I could tell an hour before sunrise that something special was going to happen. It's hard not to let yourself get overly excited in these situations, wondering where and what to shoot. On this morning opted for a simpler scene. It's the little things that matter most.

#sunrise   #australia   #beach   #summer   #pool   #explore   #travel   #beauty   #beautiful   #amazing   #pink   #landscapephotography   #nature   #water   #sea   #seascape   #naturephotography   #wollongong   #aussie   #photography   #pic   #amazing   #wonderful   #sky   #colorful   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography  
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Melissa North

commented on a video on YouTube.
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miss you guys .glenn!!!!! so glad i saw this again. <3 xxx
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.. :: Gates Of Eternity :: ..

I remember it like it was yesterday, standing in this valley. As the sun rose, the faces of the mountains began to awaken. I couldn't help but think of all who had gone before me, standing in this very spot inspired by these same monolithic sculptures, It's easy to get caught up in life's trivial matters, that's why I pursue being outside in the presence of the Almighty. Because here, everything is equal, there is no social expectations, no prejudices, nothing to distract from what is real and living. Life would have been much simpler if I never picked up a camera, I could have lived in ignorance, going through the motions. But now I see, now I feel and breathe as though for the first time and I can't get enough. I wouldn't have it any other way. WP

#sunrise   #landscape   #usa   #travel   #explore   #beauty   #nature   #amazing   #beautiful   #holiday   #destination   #tourism   #photographer   #yosemite   #elcapitan   #halfdome   #canon   #landscapephotography   #trees   #pictureoftheday   #mountains   #valley   #patino  
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Is this real.................?? wow.
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Great weekend ENL! I may have had a tear or 2 when I saw that image. Look forward to seeing more sitreps come through. Proud to be part of the  #Enlightened  family :)
This past weekend was super amazing for the Enlightened. We witnessed teams get together to fight the Resistance over the anomalies and even go on adventures into the snowy wilderness to field and take Resistance fields down. On that note, we are thankful that our agents who were missing and injured are okay.

We are super proud of all agents involved and excited to say that we won Shōnin 02 and extremely close in Shōnin 01. On a cumulative basis, we are presently in the lead but we still have anomalies in March to come which means we need to be vigilant. Let's win this thing!!!

Cumulative Summary of #Shonin 01:

Florence - R:798 - E:808
Bilbao - R:340 - E:236
Brno - R:424 - E:515

NR02-JULIET-11 - Enl
NR02-GOLF-12 - Res
NR01-FOXTROT-02 - Enl
NR01-FOXTROT-11 - Enl
NR01-HOTEL-03 - Enl
AF07-ROMEO-12 - Res
NR02-FOXTROT-15 - Res
NR01-GOLF-08 - Res
AF08-SIERRA-00 - Enl
NR02-JULIET-03 - Res

Shonin 1 Final Results:

Enlightened: 2059
Resistance: 2062

Cumulative Summary of #Shōnin 02:

Austin - R:342 - E:1390
Atlanta - R:282 - E:678
Las Vegas - R:440 - E:390
Medellin - R:566 - E:68

AM01-LIMA-03 - Res
AM01-KILO-05 - Enl
AM01-JULIET-07 - Res
AM02-HOTEL-15 - Enl
NR13-ROMEO-10 - Enl
AM01-CHARLIE-02 - Enl
AM05-GOLF-08 - Res
AM11-LIMA-02 - Res
AM15-MIKE-01 - Res
AM15-PAPA-14 - Res

Shōnin 2 Final Results:

Enlightened: 2926
Resistance: 2230

As the ENL AAR/SiteRep's come to light, we will begin to share them here. Congratulations team! Well deserved!

In the mean time, here is a capture of the amazing Las Vegas and Atlanta fields. 
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Melissa North

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Following on from my post yesterday by Paul, Derek shares his POV account of the Canada trip.

Thank you for sharing +Derek Perrin​, it's greatly appreciated. You guys were amazing and brave. I'm not nearly that adventurous.
I've been reading a lot of comments and posts about our op this past weekend and I'd like to mention a couple of things publicly. Most of the comments I've been hearing have been how Resistance needed to bail us out of trouble, and how we weren't prepared for that op. Here is a first hand account of the story from me, one of the four people who was on the throw team.

+Tremaine Lea +Chris H-L +Josh B and I all planned on going to do the Grey Owl hike several months ago. It was specifically for this operation. We knew we had to do a few days of winter hiking, and snowshoeing to get to the portal because the Prince Albert National Park prohibits the use of snowmobiles in the backcountry. There really was no easy way in and out besides walking. Some people seem to think we were just four idiots playing a video game who thought we could just walk in and out in a day, but this was not the case. We knew we had to camp for three days, and we packed for such. I actually give a lot of credit to Tremaine, Josh and Chris because they had all camped in winter before and knew exactly what they were getting into. Arguably, I was the idiot because I had never camped in the winter and had no idea what I needed for some of my gear. The others were over prepared. We had a full winter canvas tent, a wood stove, first aid kit, tons of great food, the whole works. 

On the first day, we snowshoed across Kingsmere Lake and camped about halfway on the lake. It was actually kind of cool. On the second day, we hiked up to the Northend campsite and set camp up there. Chris and I had done the Northend to Grey Owl cabin hike in the fall, and we knew the distance to get there. It was a short distance(3.2 km), so we started hiking about three hours before throw time to leave some room. We decided to hike across Lake Ajawaan since it was a bit shorter and easier than doing the hilly trail. Approaching the last 50 feet to the cabin, there was what we thought to be thin ice. Chris led the pack, I followed behind him, and Tremaine and Josh were in the back. Chris and I felt the softness below the snow, but weren't sure if it was water(waterproof boots). Josh and Tremaine definitely sunk through the ice and got wet. Now, when water goes above the waterproof boot, your feet get wet. Try this with rubber boots and you'll see what I mean.

While we were in this isolated cabin, Tremaine was getting frostbite on his feet. Josh was great to have there because he knew exactly how to handle situations like this. At this point, nobody in the group felt safe crossing the lake again(we thought it was thin ice). The other option was to take the trail. The trail was completely snowed in, so we had to blaze our own trail through the snow to get back. This probably would have been a ~3 hour hike. This was fine for me, Josh and Chris, but we couldn't exactly leave Tremaine in a cabin by himself with frostbite, nor could he make the hike back with us. The next option was to call for help to get Tremaine rescued. I contacted Resistance agent Sennirak--+Karen Innes -- because she is my girlfriend, not because I wanted Resistance to "bail us out" and that Enlightened couldn't help us at all. I asked her because a) she deserved to know; and b) I trust her more than most people to handle stuff. She told us how long the rescue would be--3-4 four hours for Tremaine. We then made the call that we couldn't sit there for 3-4 hours and then safely hike back, so we requested help for ourselves. They were going to send snowmobiles to rescue us since we weren't in dire need of help, and a helicopter for Tremaine. In that time, Josh and I took turns warming up Tremaine's feet with our stomach/chest while Chris went to look for firewood to start a fire. We couldn't start a fire in the cabin because a) the stove didn't have a functioning chimney and; b) we didn't want to burn down a national heritage site. Chris eventually got a fire started and we were able to keep Tremaine warm until the helicopter arrived. They brought supplies for the rest of us while we waited for the snowmobiles. They then said they had extra room for a passenger, and asked for one of us to come with them. None of us really wanted to go since we felt fine(a bit cold sitting there for a while), but fine nonetheless. I ended up going with the helicopter back to Saskatoon.

I know 100% that we were prepared for that trip(although my sore legs and back say otherwise). We did bring some stuff with us to the cabin, but it was really minor stuff. The majority of our stuff was left at our campsite because we had just hauled three sleds worth of stuff across that big, ugly lake(again, sore back and legs).

If people have questions regarding this, I'd be happy to answer them. Feel free to post in the comments, or pm me on hangouts. I don't believe this post covers everything, and I'd like to address anything I may have missed out on.
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Melissa North

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Great article published in CNET this week. Nice to see QLD get a little spotlight :)
Agent NiteShok (aka +Andrew McMillen) has been published on +CNET earlier this week sharing with us what it is to play +Ingress, the game we all enjoy and also an interview with our own +John Hanke (aka Agent Ace). 

It flows nicely between the point of view sit-rep, explaining what Ingress is including some of the mechanics of the game and the discussions with John Hanke.

Exceptional writing, Andrew (we aren't that good...yet). Love your work and all those over in QLD, Australia. If you want to join us in sharing great green stories, you're more than welcome. ;)
We embed in the field and go behind the scenes of Google's augmented reality game, Ingress. Is walking through the streets of hundreds of countries the future of gaming?
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Not really the friendliest when resistance keep renaming my awesome portals 
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Melissa North

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Quite like this. Simple, yet effective.
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I also like the wings :)
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Melissa North

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Really enjoying Glass Empire out of Melbourne. They've improved a lot since Cognitive Dissonance.

Really liking their EOS EP at the moment:
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