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Someday we won't need it, but until then, let's celebrate.
I'm re-sharing a post that I wrote about Black history month that was posted exactly one year ago.

The Problem With Black History Month

It's that time of year; the time when Faux News, and conservatives around the country whine about why we have such a thing as black history month. They will swear that it's not needed at all, as they always have, and will argue it is needed even less now that we have a black president. Some liberals may even wonder, "why do we need it anymore?"

It's simple, for the same reason we need sex education and evolution taught in schools; kids will otherwise never learn a thing about blacks in this country without the encouragement of black history month. They will be kept ignorant by their friends, family, and community. The problem with Black History Month, is that without it, we do not teach any black history.

Black history is important for black children to understand not only the struggles blacks have faced in this country, but more importantly, for the accomplishments made throughout history; because being black, you don't get to learn much about your accomplishments as a people, but rather the problems in your community. It is also important for all American's for the same reason, so that they have a better understanding of history they might otherwise not be taught.

Black history should be incorporated into ALL history books. The sooner the better; in the meantime, we need a time of year to focus and promote black history since we have a portion of our society that are racist, and will do anything to keep white kids from learning that Malcolm X was not such a bad guy. That Frederick Douglass, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, are more than just names of black people; they are American's that helped to make this country what it is today. They would learn that +Bobby Seale and Huey Newton did more than just own guns. Black Americans throughout history have made this country what it is today... Not including the architecture (look it up).

Eventually, I hope it will be unnecessary to offer an entire month like this. But, at this point, our textbooks are there to create workers, rather than inspire citizens; thus, the need for a month dedicated to shedding light that blacks have a long history in this country that should not be overlooked.

Everything from architecture, the light bulb, and open heart surgery was impacted by black Americans in this country. It is important for all of us to learn black history so we understand what we as Americans have accomplished. Without recognizing what blacks in this country have accomplished, we fail to understand the things that make this country great.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to Run DMC, "Raising Hell" now.
#blackhistory #blackhistorymonth
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