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Create an Outrageous Business; Lead an Awesome Life!
Create an Outrageous Business; Lead an Awesome Life!

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Mega THANKS to +Lon Naylor for this amazing tribute to my mom on the anniversary of her passing, 31 years ago.

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I know this feeling all too well no matter how many years go by.....LET GO

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Super excited about a Free Fast Action Video Series I've launched, and MASTER CLASS coming up tomorrow. Go Beyond Your Curb Appeal: BUILD YOUR BRAND TO ATTRACT BETTER CLIENTS, MAKE MORE MONEY, AND LOVE IT MORE! Instant Access here: 

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+Ande Lyons and +Denise Wakeman two awesome entrepreneurial adventurers dish the details on how to grow your biz! 
Winning Business Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success
with +Ande Lyons on Adventures in Visibility

Finally, completed the timestamps for this wonderful conversation with the lovely Ande Lyons. 

I find I really like doing the timestamping because I get to enjoy the hangout all over again and reconnect with the content. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of the live event, I don't remember all the nuggets. And there are plenty in this one with Ande.


0:28 Introducing Ande Lyons of Possibility Partners
1:16 What is Entrepreneurial Adventurer all about?
2:02 The winning strategies you need to cultivate to have entrepreneurial success
2:47 How did Ande come up with the concept of the Entrepreneurial 
3:45 Opportunities and possibilities are everywhere when you have the mindset for Adventure
4:44 What is an early stage startup?
5:18 Focus on Brand Promise, how to reach audience and how to be profitable and sustainable
6:05 It takes a village to raise a business [love this!]
7:57 What do we need to do as entrepreneurs to keep the attention on our business?
8:29 What are you in business for?
8:49 Ask not what your followers and audience can do for you. Ask what you can do for your followers and audience.
9:08 Brand consistency across all your platforms
9:29 Find the folks you want to follow and engage with
9:58 You build visibility one conversation at a time.
10:16 Focus on others' work and share it
10:46 Consistency is key.
11:33 Manners. Use the tone you'd use if you were in front of the person.
12:09 What's Ande's favorite scheduling tool?
12:41 Twitter is Ande's favorite bar... uh social media platform...
13:41 You need to be constant with your presence
13:54 It builds faith and trust in you and your business. You become 
reliable in people's minds and hearts.
14:51 Ande has a new product coming out...
14:53 Follow a schedule to take away all the possibilities and overwhelm
15:35 It's a relief to have it mapped out
16:06 Get notifications from people you love to follow
16:20 Where should you build your visibility?
16:33 For B2B use LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
16:58 Do a hashtag search
17:41 Use hashtags to find out what's trending and what's getting a lift
17:56 Use tweet chats to build connection and engagement
19:21 Mindset...
19:50 Denise - If they can't find you on the web, you don't exist, you're invisible
20:21 Follow +LaRae Quy for info on mental toughness
21:28 Ande throws on a boa to cheer herself up!
22:08 People don't look at fear and doubt. Embrace them so they don't get louder and louder
22:44 Fear and doubt are part of the entrepreneurial journey
23:17 Sometimes you may need to buffer and filter out the doubters
24:11 Does Ande work with a business coach or mentor?
24:24 Brenda Stanton, Claim Your Worth
26:19 You cannot build your business in a vacuum
27:40 Ande discovered Denise in 2008!
28:57 The final question... What is Ande's most memorable adventure?
32:12 Andelicious is a branding tool and strategy as well to find the right people to work with
33:09 Always at the bar at Twitter!@AndeLyons

Enjoy! Blog post is on it's way...

#AndeLyons   #AdventuresInVisibility   #entrepreneurship  

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A little tune to rock you into the weekend thanks +Chef Dennis Littley 
just happened to stumble upon this song....sigh    One of my all time favorites!  I'll have to watch the movie tonight.

I lived in Ocean City, New Jersey when they filmed this movie and spend many nights at Tony Marts and actually played their with my band.   Oh how the memories flood back when you hear a particular song.

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It's time for your big jump outside your comfort zone and into more success, excitement, and joy! Join us for Blow the Doors Off Your Business: Conquer Your Fears and Get Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Success. Saturday, 1/24 Noon EST, MASTER CLASS FREE.

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When you have had enough and are ready to get unstuck, unstalled, 
and step out of where you are and move tangibly forward, then join me. 

I’m doing a mastery class call on how to get past your comfort zone. 

Let’s call it Blow the Doors Off Your House of Business because I’ve done it before both for myself and for clients, and I’m doing it again. 

This time I’m inviting you for a front lawn seat (I’d say ringside but 
this isn’t the circus!) 

Snag your seat here, totally free (register even if you can’t make it):

They say 2015 is the Year of Change, well I’m in the thick of that and it is both exciting as all get out and excruciating at the same time. 

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I'm a sucker for a good LIST! 
Top Social Media Blogs to Read in 2015

Content is King they say. I actually disagree and think that content alone will not be enough anymore in 2015 !

Facebook is a perfect example that content alone is not enough. There’s so much bad content being shared that no one cares anymore. On LinkedIn we see the same thing happening with the LinkedIn Publisher… So in 2015 the quote changes to ‘Valuable & Contextual Content is King’. Since good content is hard to find, I have curated a list of Top Social Media Blogs to read (and share) in 2015!

You find it on my latest post here:

It includes my favorite biz owners & bloggers: +Neal Schaffer, +Mike Allton, +MaAnna Stephenson, +Ashley Faulkes, +Ian Anderson Gray , +Ian Cleary, +Social Media Examiner, +Melonie Dodaro, +Martina Iring, +Jeff Bullas 

The list is interactive, so feel free to suggest any other blogs to add to the list!

#blogs #socialmedia #2015
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