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At #io14? Want a badge? Stop by the #iohunt booth and tell us a joke (and play the game!)

While supplies last!
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I can't be there but it is my Birthday. Could I get one if I tell a joke here?
+Melissa Daniels  How about: "I bought a pair of shoes from a drug dealer yesterday. I don't know what he laced them with but I've been tripping all night". Is that worth one in the post?
+Melissa Daniels 
I called the janitor the other day to see what he could do about my dingy linoleum floor. He said he would have been happy to loan me a polisher, but that he hadn't the slightest idea what he had done with it. I told him not to worry about it - that as a programmer it wasn't the first time I had experienced a buffer allocation failure due to a memory error

So is that good enough for one in the mail to Aus?
I'm only +/- 5500 miles away from Google IO so I guess I won't make it...

My joke: "I bet the Fellowship used Apple Maps to get to Mordor. Explains the shitty route they took…"

Is that good enough for one in the mail to NL?
I'm not there, but always up for telling a joke.

True story, when my son was 4 years old he randomly shouted 'pickle balls' while I was changing his diaper. Still not sure if he was being relevant or random.
Jason R
Best thing ever to wear to the iPhone announcement coming up...
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