Just because you missed your chance to get tickets to #io13  doesn't mean you’re going to miss out on all the fun from this year’s IO: #requests  is back! A small team of Googlers will be at IO, snapping photos, answering questions, and responding to you--whether you’re at IO or not!

Here’s how it works:

Create a public request on Google+ using the hashtag #request  and #io13   Then, at I/O, someone from the team will do their best to “pick up” your request, mentioning you in the post
Be on the lookout for responses/answered requests from Googlers like +Melissa Daniels +Jacky Hayward  +Google Chrome Developers  and more!

(PRO TIP: Add them to a circle now to start getting updates on #Chrome   #Chromebooks )

cc/ +Google Chrome  
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