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If you're one of the people who said you'd buy a #chromebook when we supported Netflix, well the wait is up.

Netflix support is here!

With the latest version of Chrome OS, Netflix members can instantly stream thousands of films and TV episodes directly from the Netflix website. Netflix is supported on the Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 Chromebooks. CR-48 Chromies can get in on the fun too, streaming their favorite movies and shows in SD (Standard Definition) straight from Netflix.

If you'd like to watch a video in full screen mode, you can take advantage of the "full screen" button located next to the window switcher button on your Chromebook.

Happy Netflixing!
To watch Netflix movies on your Chromebook, all you need are a Netflix account and the latest version of the Chrome operating system. Follow these steps to check for system updates: Click the wrenc
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Great, this is what I was waiting for actually :)
nice, any plans to ship to Australia ?
I want to review the Chromebook
bish s
Can you stream videos from Netflix for later offline use (sort of like a DVR)?
+bish s No-- this is not something that Netflix supports in general. Sounds like a great feature request for Netflix!
Great news! Hopefully, Netflix will arrive in Europe soon...
Hmm.... starts loading the movie then tells me that it does not work in Developer Mode...
I just checked it out. Very nice. I teach anthropology and I often stream Netflix documentaries for my students. Thank you. I am loving Chrome more and more each day. Since the released of G+, Chrome has become my favorite web browser.
I would love to buy a ChromeBook, just too expensive for me at present. I have applied to the pilot program but never heard anything back :(
+James Lawson-Smith who did you apply with? I am currently trying to get on the review list, but I dont think I am contacting the right people
+Melissa Daniels -- Are there any future plans to make that a possibility? I'm not sure I want to nuke my Ubuntu partition, or continually flip the switch, just to watch netflix...
Ill buy a Chromebook, as soon as it becomes available in Sweden!
I post the Netflix news earlier, and got a couple of shares and a couple of comments. +Melissa Daniels posts this same info, and she gets many more shares and comments. Hummm....I'm jealous... :)
Awesome! I don't have netflix, but i know that has been a deciding factor for a good few ;P

Just out of curiousity , would the ChromeOS team be interested in looking into making ChromeOS optimized for Desktop computers. Having used my CR-48 since December, I could see more of a use for ChromeOS on home computers, especially for computers that people rent out (libraries and such).

People who rent out computers don't want anyone downloading stuff that clogs the computer speed, and even moreso desktops in general have a more consistent internet connection, which is needed for ChromeOS

Just a thought :)
At first I was :D then I was :( due to the lack of support for developer mode.
As usual, Canadians are left in the dark :/ "Playback Error, device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area"
Any chance this plugin could be used in Chrome browsers in general as a way to bypass Silverlight?
Tried it out on the S5, works great. Woo-hoo!
+Melissa Daniels Does this have any implications for Netflix on Linux in general or is this a ChromeOS specific implementation?
Great, now I can test how many movies you can watch on a single charge!
There's no support for developer mode? I have a hard time believing this is because of stability issues. Either way, I can't use Netflix because I dual-boot my Cr-48 and that requires developer mode.
I was sad to see that developer mode isn't supported. :(

Good news for everyone else though.
too bad Netflix recently dulled down their services </3
Just tried it out - worked flawlessly after I worked through the "incognito mode" and "developer mode" errors. Great job!
No luck with Developer mode here either. Will glady go back to stock non-dev mode if it let you open up a terminal and do ssh X forwarding. Remote connections with my CR-48 take precedence of Netflix.
+ Gary Walker this is a Chrome OS implementation only. 
i am pouring tears of joy... thank you... thank you. God bless you all!!!
<retracts tears.... no dev mode though?
This is nice! Hopefully the quality will get better with the Cr-48. Also this would be a nice integration to the chrome browser, I want to be able to watch netflix on my linux machine as well.
When will Linux support be there? I would love for this to happen, have a couple netbooks waiting for this until then they will continue to run crappy on windows
Someone please upload their from /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ so the port to other distros can begin. This is kinda ridiculous that it's only available to Chromebooks.
"For stability reasons" HAH! Us devs EXPECT stability issues, and we still want to at least be given the chance to TRY to watch netflix without kicking it back into regular mode. I am rather sad, I was looking forward to it, but I'm not willing to put my CR48 back into regular mode just yet.
Will this ever be available on Chromium OS, or did Netflix nix that too?
Hi - I'm on a Samsung Chromebook and I'm getting this error still but I'm not on the Dev channel (I am in Europe though) - "This device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area. Visit to see a full list of devices that instantly stream from Netflix" Is this a problem with Netflix or my Chromebook?
Hi Justin - Thanks but no, Netflix is available here in Ireland it just doesn't play on Chromebooks (all other computers ok).
+Joseph Smyth This is a known issue (on Netflix's side) and we're working with them to resolve. In the meantime, you can (re?) report it to Netflix.
Melissa, I'd love to however I'm not exactly sure how! What is the best channel to report/request this on do you know? I can't find a support email for them anywhere. Thanks.
Netflix launched in the UK a couple of months ago and I've been a happy user since the it started. However I get the same message as +Joseph Smyth . Just as a matter of interest I have a device that streams content from Windows media center onto my TV, and there too I get the same issue of it not being available in the UK. Seems Netflix very slow to these issues. Can anyone point me to a way to change my DNS on my Chromebook?
Good news. I just checked it and it is now working! Yep on a Samsung Chromebook using Chrome Beta (should work on all channels I think). Happy watching!
does it work for this model? XE303C12-A01US I just got the same message telling that they are working with Netflix to fix it
+Valentin Perez No-- please check the known issue page-- Netflix does not currently work on the new Samsung Chromebook (this is a very old post you are commenting on)

UPDATE as of March 11, Netflix now works on all Chromebooks
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