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Follow +JR Raphael on his two-week #chromebook journey with the new Samsung Series 5 550 -- I know I'm excited to hear his thoughts/feedback.
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Plan to purchase both the new Chromebook and Chromebox. The new Chromebook replaces my Chromebook (wife gets my current one). The Chromebox will be for employees to surf the web at one of our kayak shops.
Any chance they would be lower in price soon? Would be pretty tempting if the box was at the $200 price point or even lower.
+Hinano Atkins I bet withing a few weeks you will find the first generation Chromebooks for about that price. While I wish the price didn't go up, it's a good deal compared to other laptops. It's great having the option of purchasing 3G when I travel.
sorry to bother you but i have tried 5 times to sign up for chromebooks for business and the contact form keeps producing and error page. Can someone contact my business at thanks
+Ryan Walker sorry for they delay-- I'll ping the team and see if I can't get someone to contact you. And will also check on the form. Which pathway/specific link did you use (so I can be sure to test/report as there may be multiple points of entry)
Picking mine up on Monday I hope.  I'll see how long I can go without a Windows machine.  =)
I really like my CR-48.  
+Melissa Daniels I am really liking the what I see about the Chromebook. I have used off and on the Chrome OS download and have found no problems. Should I make the switch my issue (comfort level?) is as a preacher having 25-30 years of sermons in Word Perfect. I am able, using .rtf, to switch the format to MSWord if that would make the transfer to Google Docs easier. What would you suggest? Thanks.
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