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Need a break in your day? Try creating your own "My Chrome Theme" -- you can upload a photo directly from your device. I just did!

Once you've created a masterpiece, be sure to share it on Google+ so that all of your #chromies can discover it!

#protip -- looking for other Chrome Themes to install? Try searching Google+ for "My Chrome Theme" : to find other user submissions.
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How did you get rid of the Bookmarks bar?
I've done it all. The damn thing wont go away.
Nope... it doesnt...
And the settings check mark is off... so there shouldnt be a tool bar at all... lol...
Great idea, however, these themes don't sync.
+Melissa Daniels , I really appreciate your help. But Ive tried it all. Nithing works. The tutorial is interesting. But offers nothing new.

My only interest in Chrome are a lot of the plugins. I keep my bookmarks on my Firefox account. That bookmark thing is just a huge annoyance.
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