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To my fellow Americans:

Feeling bummed that today is tax day? 
Don't fret my pets! Check out this list of restaurants, deals and other companies that are offering freebies today, all in honor of good 'ol Uncle Sam:

What a sweet treat after all of that taxing turmoil! 

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Thank the banks!
 I can see the bread lines forming from here... It won't be long now...IMO
Hope you have something other than money in the bank when the new "wealth" taxes start to roll out...
Almost time to get out that 100 dollar bill toilet paper... like in Zimbabwe.
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Melissa Daniels

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Haha +G. Hussain Chinoy I know! Soooo loud! You can hear Lila from the other room!
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Purring cats are the best.
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It's no joke... the +Google+ team recently rolled out a new feature allowing you to see just how many times your Google+ profile & content has been viewed by other people and whoa, you guys sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

9M+ views?! Jeez. 

So I started poking around and my gosh, there's a whole lot of viewing going on! 

If you want to learn more about this feature, check out this help center article:

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Fight On!!
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So much yes in this.

#nerdy #funwithmath
Heyyyyy, macarena
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Hey! I used to do that dance until I threw my back out. :-)
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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden, say hello to +Nexus. The #Nexus5 and #Nexus7, now available on #GooglePlay
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Have her in circles
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So excited to announce that you can officially rock out with +Google Play and your +Sonos system.

I've been doing this for a while now and wow, if you loved Play Music All Access before, you're gonna REALLY love it when you cast it straight to Sonos.

Ready, set, Play!
Sometimes music is meant to be listened to on your headphones. But other times, it’s meant to be heard in HiFi sound in every room of your house. Today, we’re launching a new feature that lets you play music directly to any Sonos speakers from within the Google Play Music app on your Android phone or tablet.

If you have +Sonos, all you need to do is download the latest Sonos Controller app ( Make sure your phone or tablet is on the same wireless network as your Sonos. A cast icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Google Play Music app ( Simply tap it and select the Sonos speaker where you want to play your music. Voila! Perfect sound in any room of your house.

You can build a playlist, create a radio station from any song, and add, reorder or delete songs straight from Google Play Music. Also, if you prefer to use the Sonos Controller app, Google Play Music is now also offered as a service there.

Find out how to amplify your music with Google Play and Sonos:
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+Blendi Krasniqi Nexus devices are available for sale on the Play store in 20 countries (we just launched 8 more on 3/18-- this was my project)

As for the countries, play store automatically detects your location and routes you to your home/local store. If you are coming across a spammy app, please report it. Its up to the developer to enable their app for multiple countries and be certified/enabled for sale and distribution in additional countries. 
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Melissa Daniels

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Aww! Check out that up-close and personal detail of my sweet little Lila! Thanks, #nexus5

(More: Lila and Paige purring -- it's a video!) 

Cc/ +Joey-Elijah Sneddon -- purrrr his request!
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q lindo
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Loving all the fun with +David Hasselhoff for #aprilfools (including the automatic comments when he's + mentioned)

Bring on the fun

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Good stuff. Imagine the marketing windfall when Google integrates you in an April Fool's joke.
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#autoawesome for resumes -- organizing your world of information, one click at a time!
We think your resume should be as awesome as you are.  Introducing AutoAwesome for Resumes! 

Click here to see more:
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+Jo Stepaniak I remember a few years back getting fooled by one of the tricks Amazon pulled and sending it around to a bunch of people before i realized. Such a horrid, but fun, day on the interwebs.
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Melissa Daniels

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Music was made to be loved. We just made loving it easier. With Google Play Music for Chrome, you can now keep all the music you love in the cloud so that you always have it. To add new music, enable the “Google Play Music for Chrome” lab at Then simply drag and drop songs into your Google Play Music library. If you have a lot of music in iTunes or if you want new music to be added automatically, you can configure this by clicking “Add Music” at the top right of

But, wait, there’s more! This new lab has extra goodies. You can now open a handy mini-player by clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner of our web app so you can see what’s playing or skip songs from any tab. Plus, download songs, albums and playlists directly from the web. Let us know what you think! 

We built this lab using Chrome Apps and Native Client technology, developers can learn more at and Uploads, downloads and the mini player are just the start, and we are excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web.
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Google music knocks iTunes on it's arse, been using it for a while now and it's very, very good
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Have her in circles
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Googler. Shopaholic. Chromebook lover :)
I'm addicted to the Internet. And gadgets. And gadgets that run the Internet. Give. Them. To Me. 

I have a sweet spot for shopping, designer jeans, and single-handedly may be keeping the magazine/print industry in business. 

These thoughts and opinions are my own, and not that of my employer
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Recently picked up a bite at the Tritonville Bar & Terrace as a result of staying at the Sandymount Hotel. Staff was always quite busy but was able to balance their tables with the right amount of attentiveness. As an American, I'm partial to my hamburgers/ "Beef Burgers" as we're spoiled in the States-- so perhaps ordering one in Dublin wasn't the best idea as I was slightly disappointed in the flavor. (Beef was good, composition was, well-- "meh"-- left me wanting something more-- even if it was just a basic burger). However, I have gone back again and ordered the Pasta Carbonara, which was good-- cream sauce was rich and tasty-- nice on a blustery night. If you're short on time, staying in the hotel and don't want to venture out, I'd recommend it. It's also a nice place to pop in and grab a pint, read an eBook on your Nexus7 or Kindle and relax for a bit while sports are on in the background, as the booths are comfortable.
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Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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Adorable from the outside (the gardens are a treat to look at!) for an American, the Sandymount's rooms leave you wanting just a little bit more. The rooms are sparse and simple (but are kept quite tidy), but unfortunately the walls also fall under that category-- sparse. With a room on "Garden level" you can hear the pitter patter of footsteps from above (and even the scuffle of "friends" outside your door on a weekend night). But don't dismay-- the front desk staff at Sandymount is terribly helpful-- they'll clear away any Dubliners that may disturb you and even offer a shuttle to take you into local services. They're kind, provide maps and anecdotes and are receptive to crazy Californian's staying in their hotel. Overall, it's quaint, and it has free WiFi (that's a plus!) that you top off each night and works (reliably) throughout the hotel.
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Appeal: Very goodFacilities: GoodService: Excellent
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