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Interested in #blogging for money? Some things might surprise you. This post gives you a sense as to what making money online really entails. #bloggingtips
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Hi there- I have two websites, my main blog ( and then a subdomain ( where I sell my courses.

On the subdomain,  I use Zippy Courses to sell my ecourses and they don't recommend installing LeadPages on the same site as their plugin. So I plan to run LeadPages on my main blog to gain leads and possibly host a webinar. My question is... if I were to do a webinar page or other type of page with a "buy now" button on, how would I do that since the ecourse store is actually on the subdomain? Or does it matter?

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Hi Melissa Im Marisol pleases contact with me.
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Melissa Culbertson

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In Pinning Perfect, Anna teaches the value of good-looking pinnable images (not to mention search-friendly descriptions). Here's a before and after of a pinnable image from Jes of Mommy Envy. Impressive, yes?

Tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for the April session. Lifetime access to lessons, loads of useful handouts and more! Grab your virtual seat now: #pinterest   #pinterestips   #bloggingtips   #socialmedia  
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Hello dear Melissa,
This is RMM Mizan, poet cum musician.  I think; we have something common. Please accept as a tip some portion of my "Blessing" book of poem in advance for 'Total solution of global financial crisis.



Human being are blessing of God
Got the soul from the soul of God
Also gets same freedom of thought
Will power and wisdom
But so small

God insists for unity behind the truth
For the success of individuals 
Through the nation
Outcome is always being 
Wave of joy and happiness
Hand in hand.

Life is too short for those, who realized
No one doesn’t know when, time is up 
Except God
Hundreds of years of successful life
Nothing without truth and creativity
Whenever it gets compared by wisdom.

Smart move is always 
Going through the knowledge
Instead insist by unfair desire and greed
We are capable of doing something good
Success for our both life.


There is some one every where
Doing so many thing in order
We don’t know that much
How far is everywhere?

Don’t know that much
How great He is 
What does he look like?
How far he created
Goes on and on and on

He is the one created
In plan this universe
Sky in seven levels
Nearest one get decorated
By the chain of lights.

Sun is traveling with his family
Only one striate way
Already been traveled
Half of his way
Still have enough fuel
Have to rich his destiny
Just on time.    


Good time; bad time; worst time
Don’t know all about what’s going on
It is not a good time 
That’s for sure
Practicing the same greed
In the name of progress and freedom.

Only way out 
From this ugly mess
Need to have practice
Clear guidelines from God
CBFD is good 
Mainly for freedom
Financial freedom 
Hand in hand.

Beauty of CBFD is crystal clear
Easy to practice
Easy to nursing
In order to re generate
Profit from mega projects.


Morning news breakfast
With or without tea or coffee
Start up the day and go to work
Pray to God in many different names
For the safe return and good health.

Traffic jam crazy honk for nothing
Big line ups even in the bank
Chaos argument cheating lies get robbed
Fighting police ambulance fire truck
Always few are fighting with dog  
For food, even in the garbage dump.

Recession job loosed without money
Hunger anger frustration
Hopeless suicidal 
Enough is enough.

Every day is full of sadness
Instead success progress prosperity
Wave of cheerful joy and happiness 
In most of the life
Because God has given us everything
Whatever we need
Long before He send us here
But the way greed depriving too many people
It gets established as right as it is
In all over the world 
Most of us don’t have time to think
What the wrong is going on
Always busy
Sometime even busy for nothing.

Not all of a sudden 
CBFD get appeared again
Through TEGME scientifically
CBFD is around us since 1992
TEGME become his bonded partner 
And started their journey  
First from Dhaka, Bangladesh 
On 12.12.2012.

TEGME is the first GME of this kind
GME means Global Mega Enterprise
The mother of Consumer Capitalism.

Is it not the right time to think?
How to get out from poverty 
Without harming no one
Then don’t have to blame anymore 
To the heartless greed.

Good news 
Recently another TEGME started her journey  
From Toronto, Canada
USA, UK, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, India
One after another, or all over at a time
Across the world to open up the door of GME.

CBFD wants to be the test of life
Anyone can feel the different instantly 
Just think the life with or without GME
With or without greed.


Ambitus CBFD theory has been composed
For dynamic economic growth 
As well as the vaccine of recession
Publicly unveiled on the evening  
30th December 1992 
In Dhaka Press club 
By RMM Mizan.

Next morning world got the message 
About this genome  
Its power strength and outcome
When it get his life
From personal level up to nationally
For global peace.

It is a starter of Consumer Capitalism
And RMM number is the first key 
Also be a safeguard 
Of our beloved Capitalism and humanity.

It is totally green 
A greed free progressive vision 
A system
Everybody gets in couraged here
To dream realistically
Since when people understand 
This charming CBFD theory
Then feel like to live, travel and work 
Anywhere around this tiny world 
For stress free charming life
Without any border guard visa or bindings
Like some birds are enjoying their life 
With respect and satisfaction.

Whatever you like to call this system 
That is up to you 
Someone might get labeled by communist
But we experienced everything
Except Consumer Capitalism
Progress success financial freedom
Everyone can enjoy through GME 
Based on their spending power 
Smartness and dedication
A stress free charming life cycle 
For everyone. 


What a wonder 
Consumer Capitalism you are
CBFD is your, an article of memorandum
Totally based on truth 
Smartness and dedication
What a sweetheart you are
Thanks God 
All the praise be for You.

Now so many things are achievable 
In this tiny life 
In any age 
Stress free life for everyone
Race or gender doesn’t matter
Through GME 
TEGME is pioneer 
And ever green
What a simple; wonder is
Whenever any transaction
Have a touch with CBFD
You will see.
Touched of CBFD change the life
Brings the fortune side by side 
From personal to business 
National up to global level.
Financial freedom hand in hand.  

Most of the verse of CBFD 
Here is the heart of ‘Blessing’ and ‘Osojjo’ 
Tiny pocket books of poem
Soul come from practicing
What a charisma of CBFD theorem. 


Freedom progress happiness for peace
Always required truth and straight
This is the message from God
I am just a reminder 
On behalf of TEGME
Also want to be a member
Smart club of PTEGME.

What a test of life 
From this point of information age
Anybody could become a PTEGME
By their RRM number like a grant
Coming from RMM Mizan on and on  
From the royalty of his ‘Blessing’ and ‘Osojjo’
Tiny pocket books of poem 
One in English and other one in Bangla 
Both TEGME’s first production
And their chain of products.

Be smart
Throughout the plug from your ear
Clean up the dust from your vision
Shake up your thought, open up your heart
Try to understand the importance of truth
Truth of those common verse
What has come from God
For our happiness for peace.

Also don’t miss a moment 
From the live opportunity of CBFD
Anyone could make their time more worthy
Our short life could be more meaningful
More enjoyable in both life
This tiny earth is only for this life
Earth is the place to make our destiny
Mainly for happy endless life
That happy ness is beyond of our imaginations 
That’s for sure.
Whenever people start to feel and see
The natural beauty in CBFD theorem
Then they automatically feel to invite other
Beneath the umbrella of GME 
For mutual dynamic benefit
Maximum nineteen from next level
Up to four level without first
From TEGME for whole life.

What a delightful way
TEGME wants to be the bonded partner 
With everybody by her RMM number
It is the gift for GME and her customer 
From RMM Mizan 
TEGME Already been the bonded partner 
With CBFD theorem  
Also wants to be the safeguard 
Of our beloved capitalism and humanization 
Her every delightful movement is the blessing of God.

Climate Change

World ruled by so many systems
Democracy dominating at present
Wealth belong to one percent
They don’t care about climate change.

Human dignities are on threat
The flag is raised 
By the Wall Street movement
Without practicing the CBFD system
The outcomes will the same remain.

Minimum two point five percent
Revenue goes to Contributed Dividend
Workforce and shareholders
Also enjoy the same amount
In order to re generate
Profit from the green business.
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Melissa Culbertson

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Pinning Perfect's MARCH session just went on sale yesterday. These go fast so grab your spot now!

Here's a little sneak peek of one of the handouts-- the top 250 most searched terms on Pinterest! This course is full of handouts, videos, and Anna providing one-on-one feedback.

Register here--> #pinningtips   #pinterest   #blogging   #socialmedia  
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This is such a GREAT class! I highly recommend it! Ellen
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Melissa Culbertson

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Melissa Culbertson

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Melissa Culbertson

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HOURS LEFT then you've gotta wait months for the next session! Pinning Perfect instructor Anna Luther grew her blog traffic from 90,000 pageviews to MILLIONS in just 18 months? Know how? You guessed it: Pinterest.

Grab a spot in Pinning Perfect & drive mega traffic.   #pinterest   #bloggingtips  
You've seen them. Pins with 1000… 10000… 100000 repins. Pinterest now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined. As a blogger, you want a slice of that Pinterest pie. Am I right? More traffic. More followers. More people hearing what you have to say.
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Missed this one but I will be on the lookout for the next round! #mommyblogger   #pinteresttips  
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Melissa Culbertson

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So many people have been asking about promoted pins and if they work. I did a test for about 4 days using this pin:

Since you can't link to sales pages with promoted pins, I linked to my popular post "5 Things You Shouldn't Re-Pin on Pinterest" and at the bottom of that post, had some details about Pinning Perfect with a link to the product page.

The click thru rate of the pin was pretty darn good! And that only worked out to $.11/click which is cheap. I was in a hurry to do this so I didn't track conversions (i.e. sales of the course), but will set that up in Google Analytics next time.

Any of you played around with promoted pins yet?
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Melissa Culbertson

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TWO spots left in the hottest #pinterest class around!
In Pinning Perfect, you'll learn:
- How to make the most of Pinterest since the introduction of the Smart Feed
- What doesn't work on Pinterest and what to do instead (cough hashtags cough)
- A Pinterest bible showing a full year's calendar of when to pin for holidays and seasonal topics
- Plus instructor feedback, a private FB group, and two chats!

Class starts Monday so grab your spot now: #blogging
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Melissa Culbertson

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Want to avoid a brand getting frustrated when visiting your blog? Make sure your blog has these (it's easy I promise):

#blogging   #bloggingtips  
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Melissa Culbertson

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Hey bloggers- who has a media kit? You NEED one if you don't! Not only that, the content must be written in a way that's relevant to brands.

Take a peek at these 10 media kits that bloggers created from taking my e-course. #blogging   #bloggingtips  
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Melissa Culbertson

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I learned quite a bit about #blogging last year. I think you'll find you can relate to so many of these (especially number 1):
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Every Blogger can relate to these revelations
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