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Melissa Conner
Attorney and Principal at Conner Law Offices
Attorney and Principal at Conner Law Offices

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Hurray! I successfully survived my computer crash with all files & e-mails intact! All I lost were a few bookmarks... Now to make sure that NEVER happens again.

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A new report from Safe Kids Worldwide shows 1 in 4 parents admit they have driven with their child unbuckled.  The report also finds that some parents feel it would be acceptable to drive with their children unbuckled on overnight trips.

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Back from vacation & (mostly) recovered from my jet lag!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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Um.... WTF?  Did this slip by while we were all looking at gay marriage? 

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BREAKING NEWS: +Google challenges U.S. gag order on data requests, cites First Amendment

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Important to know:
The Supreme court held today that if you are asked questions before you are arrested and you just stay silent, but you don’t say that you’re invoking your right to remain silent, your silence can be used against you.

Basically, if you want to assert your right to remain silent, you have to speak up and say something. You can’t just remain silent.

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Not what I expected:
Bicycle Accidents are becoming more and more common with more bikes on the roadways.  A new study shows that the severity of bike / car crashes is not reduced when bike lanes are utilized.  Help reduce #bikeaccidents  by looking for bikes and motorcycles.  Most bicycle and motorcycle crashes occur when a driver fails to yield (and typically says "I never even saw the motorcycle/bike").  Look twice.

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