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14 hours still no electric and now its getting hot. And just to top the cake.... barely any signal. Between the heat and boredom, I may just lose it. 
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Anyone want to adopt me for a few hours? Lol
Mike G
Mental excercise: Imagine the power never comes back on...
Not many places to go. Lots of areas are out here. We had a bad storm last night. Trees are down everywhere. 1000s without electric. We left for a bit last night but its quite the adventure navigating all the obstacles and detours. Even the traffic lights are down.

If it gets too hot though I'll head to my dads with my kitties. I guess I should see if he has electric.
You know what they say.  If you can't stand the heat, you aren't wearing your bikini.
You come can stay in Michigan, but you'll have to leave before my wife gets home! :)
Mike G
If your water is running, you could also take a cold shower.
Time to find a googolplex and auditorium-hop.
Mike G
I have to disagree +John Lewis 'power outtage' is responsible for too many babies for your logic to stand, obviously the cold shower is all about timing.
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