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Because really that is the only response one can have to this.  Oh people...

h/t +Stuart Duff 
Happy birthday ! Lol.

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Hi..good am
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8-Bit Christmas.  Woot!

IDK why I like this so much, but it has gotten me far too excited.   I guess I got my second wind.  Bring on the Christmas!  ...or more of it...

BTW, this guy is awesome!  He also has videos for Nintendo, Disney, Portal, Halo, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who (to name a few).  Looks like I will be going through his stuff for a while.

h/t +Robert Headley for posting about him here:
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+BJ Cardon Nice find! That will definitely have to be added to my Christmas playlist next year. So awesome! I went and checked out his stuff on YouTube a bit as well. His Battlestar Galactica RPG is hilarious. Looks like I'm going to be here for a while.

+Stephen Wakefield Woot! Glad I'm not the only one. :D

+Jared Morgan Also a nice find. Their happy song might have to be incorporated in my happy dance. Who knew there was so much 8-bit music.
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Because all Gingers are Ninjas...

Since I haven't posted in quite a few Ginger Thursdays, I figured I would need something awesome to make up for it... Then +Ross Life sent me this... Score!  Of course, this is a few months old so some may have seen it.  Oh well.  It's new to me!

Oh, and the moral of the story:  Your army is useless.  We will be victorious!   :p

#gingerthursday   #redheadsrock  
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Ginger girls are hot.
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Melissa Bryan

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Aging Superhero

I LOVE this idea (and I'm in the mood for art tonight).  Definitely check out the link to see the rest.  There is some really cool stuff.  Especially the very first one!

h/t +Mz Maau 
OK, I declare this BEST THING OF THE DAY today.

Super heroes may get old, but they keep heroing.  Someone (NOT ME) should write this story.  Someone like +Rick Wayne maybe, or one +Anthony Deaver or even +Bliss Morgan .

Look through the whole series and get back to me, ok? ;)
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He look more like captain america in THE DARK WORLD thor
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I'm Still Too Tall To Be Under My Desk...

So why am I spending my lunch break taking pictures under here?  Well, because it's the 2nd Annual  #InternationalTakeAPictureUnderYourDeskDay  and I'm always looking for an excuse to be weird.  Well, that and I was bribed with pie.  Who can turn down pie?  

If you haven't seen other weirdos around g+ under their desks already, you can get the details here:

#InternationalTakeAPictureUnderYourDeskDay   #FridayFace  +Scott Cramer +Jo Lane 
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Dear Parents:  It's Time to Start Checking the Things You Give Your Kids

Well, it's been time for that for a while... I'm actually really surprised that a parent would give out any kind of tech these days without at least trying it out first.  Even if you didn't think of this kind of thing happening, you would at least think they'd be checking everything to make sure it works and avoid Christmas morning disappointment.  IDK... but let's just go ahead and make this a lesson learned

Perhaps Wal-Mart shouldn't have resold a returned item as new, but things happen.  Don't assume all is well unless you check it for yourself.  No retail store is that invested in keeping your child's innocence.  
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I take it that the system did not come in that case? If it did that is a sure sign it was a returned unit.

There should be a policy in place where a returned item like this must be wiped before resale. On a 3DS you can just insert a new SD card to get rid of most user data but anyone able to use a smartphone can figure out how to wipe a returned device.

If the porn came all the way from Nintendo I would guess that the SD card manufacturer a was at fault. While testing the card these files may have been dumped on many cards by a virus so that it may infect a PC. Not the first time this has happened. Virii can come pre-installed on external drives, mp3 players flash drives etc
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Merry Christmas G+!

I wanted to take a quick moment before I head out for the evening to wish my g+ family a Super Merry Christmas and Extremely Happy Holidays.  I hope everyone got what/who they wished for.  :D

Also, everyone should get a dragon for Christmas.  Can we make this a thing?

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Thx and merry xmas love

Merry xmas beauty

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Melissa Bryan

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If I Had A Ginger Spawn...

...this would be her. That is all.
Snow Girl
I just love this...=)

Source: .
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Epic just like a Cloud from FF7
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Melissa Bryan

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Awesome Gaming Book Cover Art Prints

As someone who enjoys both books and games quite a bit, this is right up my alley.  Though, I do wish they were actual books and not just prints.  Can someone make this happen?  :D

Check them out here:

#gaming   #books  
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Wow. These are great. Can't wait to see the Dishonoured prints.
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Super Scary Jack-O-Lanterns

These are serious business.  (-_-)  Sure to scare your trick-or-treaters away quickly.  :p  

Happy Halloween!


#halloween   #halloween2013   #jackolantern  
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