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This is an old iPhone shot but I just spotted a new photo theme on the list... #webbywednesday and I so couldn't resist!! Thanks for this web opportunity +Eric Leslie :)

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No way! This is so awesome! I always think spider webs with dew drops must be one of the most amazing things in nature. This really made me smile :)
Reina Y
wow!!! so great details and colors.....everythings great!!!!
Thanks you so much +Ahmed Reza and +Sumit Sen! Thanks +Mikko Tyllinen and +Mari Sterling Wilbur - I had to make it really sepiaey (?) as the background was so distracting you couldn't see the web well and the processing added to the mystery/scary thing. And it's actually a tiny web - but looks huge in this shot like I live in the freakin' Amazon not small town california lol
Thanks +Sinead Sam McKeown you know I nearly dropped my groceries when I saw it and made the desperate purse search for my iPhone lest it somehow disappear just by having been viewed by human eyes :)
Whoa... an awesome web! Another great shot Melissa!! :))
Wow, this is an incredible capture...
Nalla J
Beautiful lines and compo...
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