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Honored to be singing the national anthem on the legendary @THEREALBHOP's fight vs @Beibut_Shumenov April 19 @ DC Armory! #HopkinsShumenov I will have my #googleglass   #throughglass   you will see me live!
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Congrats beautiful I'll be watching the fight and I will watch you sing and checkin you out as well, lol do yah thang
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Melissa Bailey

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Unlisted HOAs via Google Plus - YouTube Becomes your video recorder
Hangouts on Air (HOA) can act as your personal video recorder, or limited viewership broadcast machine.
There are times when you want to have a hangout session and record it, but don't want it "broadcast" to the world (right away, or ever)… Enter Unlisted HOA or Private HOA.

You could always use 3rd party software to record your screen while in a Hangout Video Call, but then you have large files that need to be rendered and uploaded for others to view, and that takes loads of time. When YouTube does the recording (via HOA), it is done quickly and ready to go right after the HOA ends.

Now Google Plus can start Unlisted HOAs
We've been able to start Unlisted or Private HOAs via the YouTube Live Event interface, but now we are able to start Public HOA & Unlisted HOA on Google Plus as well via the SHOAE tool (Scheduled HOA Events).

Until now, if you used Google Plus to start your HOAs you could only do Public HOAs. Now we can also do Unlisted HOAs starting with the Google Plus Hangouts menu.

3 important uses:
✓ HOA Trailer Recordings - Record now, add as a trailer later.
You can do these alone or invite your featured guest(s) to be part of the trailer days or weeks ahead of time.
✓ HOA Broadcasts to limited groups - semi private screening rooms
✓ Vlogging - a simple way to create video content which can be "published" later at a time of your choosing.

From what I've observed:
► The Unlisted HOA is not posted publicly on your G+ Stream
► The Unlisted HOA is not easily visible to others on your YT Channel
► You can easily change the Recorded Unlisted Video to be 'Public' or 'Private' to suite your particular needs

How to Start an Unlisted HOA from Google Plus
► Start your HOA process via the (1) Hangouts Menu (
► Next press the (2) Start a Hangout on Air Blue Button.
► Give the HOA a Title (3)
► Here's the Trick... Do Not Invite the Public Circle (4) to be in the Audience. Suggestion: just invite yourself to the Audience (optional: invite the group you want to see the unlisted broadcast) this is the HOA Event's invitation/guest list (aka Audience).
► After you Share the post (5), you'll be on the Private Event page & you start up the HOA Green Room via the "start" button when you are ready to go.

There are many other great uses of this new tool and a few "gotcha's" that will be discussed in the membership group for Hangouts called Hangout Mastery.

Want all the details? Signup to keep up... .
=== ===
#HOAtips   #UnlistedHOA   #HOAevents   #EventsTips   #GooglePlusTips   
h/t: +Jeff Sieh & +Jim Shankle for helping me test and verify this
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It's Funny how TMZ is reporting such untrue information about the Jackson brothers relationship with Brandon Howard.
There happens to be a interview on youtube that was done in Japan with Brandon Howard where he is clearly talking about his relationship with Jermaine and Jackie.The video is on public domain and no one has come out to say that this is fake in anyway.

Also, to the point of them actually advising him on what songs to use for his album. If someone who is telling you that he had nothing to do with the whole crazy Corey Feldman fiasco look further than what is being told here. Until the brothers come out officially on camera and stating that they don't know Brandon your report is false!!
So is this video of Brandon a lie? I think not !

You don't want the truth your trying to kill the truth but the truth is coming out and you can hide that. This guy has every right to know who his father his and you should research further on what is being said and what had been out publicly in interviews. Just as Joe jackson has stated through a slip up that Brandon is the next Micheal in the jackson family. The link is below as well.

Yeah Did everyone know that Marlon was a twin and the brother that died his name was "Brandon". The truth is in front of you but you don't want to believe it. If Micheal is not the father then Brandon is Micheal Jackson's long lost brother.

Brandon did not ask to be born he just wants the truth and he has every right to know. Would you not want to know who your father was. Think people everything is front of you and you just gotta look to see the truth. Augie Johnson WORKED for MJ during the time Brandon was conceived. The DNA Test is a HOAX but Brandon as MJ's son IS NOT. Brandon has looked like MJ since a child. Do you know why Brandon was born a HOWARD as the 1st child and his younger brother, Nicholas, was born a JOHNSON (Augie's last name). Brandon is NOT trying to be like MJ. He is NATURALLY like MJ cause it's in his GENES. Brandon can not help he LOOKS LIKE MJ AND SOUNDS LIKE HIM NATURALLY. Everyone notices it.

Brandon Interview about Jackson brothers Link: B.Howard✡Music-On_TV_Japan

Joe Jackson saying Brandon's name Link: Is Brandon "B" Howard, Michael's Son? Part 7 of 12 "The Secret Child" (HD)

Read more:
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Melissa Bailey

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Love the land of OZ
The land of Oz
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Have her in circles
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Honored to be singing the national anthem on the legendary @THEREALBHOP's fight vs @Beibut_Shumenov April 19 @ DC Armory! #HopkinsShumenov I will have my #googleglass   #throughglass   you will see me live!
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Woot! Woot! Congrats girl!!!! Amazing +Melissa Bailey!!!
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To my family and friends let me know what you think of my single "What you Started" that has been produced by my producer B.Howard   #bhoward   #melissab    #whatyoustarted   #universalmusic   #bungalorecords  
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love it!
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A wonderful article written by Daniel O'Connor on me and FabMe Jewelry with   #3dprinting   #melissab   Check out the article  my Google family. Thank you as always for the support. ;-) 
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Take a look at what a real Geek Girl can show you in her view of life with music and technology. This video take you in a journey through Google Glass with Melissa B. #throughglass  
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Melissa B. makes the rounds with her manager Thomas Lytle. Letting music industry makers Issy Sanchez of EMG and Music Choice hear the Melissa B. experience. 

Follow Melissa for more of her experience:


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Have her in circles
3,393 people
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Hawaii - Newport News, VA - Germany - California - Japan
Melissa B.

Melissa B. is an American recording artist,songwriter,and a rising star in the global music scene. Her music is energetic, and international,blending the best of the Gritty Glam Pop,Club, and even that classic live band feeling. While Melissa is a girl geek by day, she's a powerhouse singer and actor,with an undeniable talent for crafting melodic,catchy pop songs.

Being introduced to the industry from young, Melissa's style has evolved to be interchangeable; she can successfully represent any genre of music and bring to you a versatile artist. Singing professionally since the age of 5, Melissa has been pursuing a career in music for almost her entire life. Her creative strengths sprung from a bloodline of musical talents including her Aunt, Grammy Award-winning singer, and multiple ASCAP & BMI Award-winning songwriter, Dawnn Lewis.

Since high school Melissa began playing shows in her hometown of Newport News, VA and gained a substantial following. This inspired her to m​ove to NYC to pursue her music career full throttle. She's made many leaps and bounds, performing legendary venues like the Bitter End, Village Underground and being on FOX as an "American Idol", contestant and getting radio-play internationally. 

Melissa is also an activist with her non-profit organization "Girl Geek Dinners NYC" where she helps young women get inspired about computer science and technology.

Expect big things to come from this pint-size beauty with the big voice.

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making my dreams come true, never stop believing, having a child like heart
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