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Around the world, women and girls are working to break free of poverty, hunger, violence, and inequality.
"Maria" is dedicated to all the women in the world."
Treating women as second-class citizens is a bad tradition. It holds you back. There’s no excuse for sexual assault or domestic violence. There’s no place in civilized society for the early or forced marriage of children. These traditions may date back centuries; they have no place in the 21st century." —President Obama in Kenya
Thank you for listening with your ears to hear the song "MARIA" I appreciate the large response to this song. Enjoy!
To hear the entire "Exclusively" album tracks, read the lyrics & reviews or to inquire go to the link noted below.
 I appreciate your time and considerations. 
-Melissa B.
All of these songs by Melissa B. are available as download singles, a whole download or in CD at: iTunes & Amazon, plus many online retailers.

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#FREE   #MIXTAPE  33,000 Downloads for Melissa B. Mixtape all for you!

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Welcome to Team Melissa B. - This is a place where you can share anything you want about Melissa B. - Music, Pictures, stories and the love of being a super fan! I also will be sharing as much as I can to you on anything I feel can help us make this world a better place. Grow with me as I want to grow with you. 

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Thank you SingerUniverse for picking me to be singer of the month of DEC! My birthday month is just really becoming the best!!!!

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Download FREE!! Have you heard ‘DEALER’ by Melissa B. This is for all the fans! FREE.. ENJOY!!! Spread the word!!

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Hello family and friends please if you have the chance and opportunity to stop by my nieces online donations center for CHKD Coins for Kids 2015. This is part of her community activism that she likes to do and wants and needs everyone's help to make this endeavor successful. Donate what you can to these children from CHKD who's parents cannot afford medical treatment for takes a village to raise and sustain a child so lets go! Thanks : )

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Check out the NEW episode of the @TPerkShow, with NEW music from possible ‪#‎Grammy‬ nominees!

They play "Maria" and talk about my performance at Carnegie hall

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Hello everyone!

 I am raising funds to do the first ever Lyric video with my Google Glass. I need your help for us to have a great video made. With your help your will be apart of this along with me. You get gifts along with your donation!!! #googleglass   #thruglass   #melissab   #billboard   #techie   #girlgeek   #janetJackson  

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Hi Everyone! I need your help with voting for me and BKBRASCO for our song "Wanna Love You" I need you to vote once a day until Oct. 15! Please click the link and repost if you can. I appreciate all the support!!
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