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I just saw that #LoveYourBody  is trending. I wish I had time to post more today but this will have to do...

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A BIG thank you to everyone that has re-shared this post!! :)
.. and You are You.. and no-one else can ever be you. We're all unique - embrace that :)
Ooops i forgot but just done it :-)
But I'm none of those things. 
Maybe it's better to replace "you are" for "I am", would be more persuading.
very nice!! quote love it!!!!! :) and it is important to remember this also because we are gifted we are on this earth for a reason and God put us here evreybody has talent! and God can use us in that talent!!!
and evreybody in the world you guys are special!!! :) :)
more than special we are all of the above! =) and irreplaceable
Forget about the boys, they are just well boys.
smile jesus loves you romans 8:28 :) look it up
Ray Zzy
Someone should tell beyonce that...
That built my self-confidence a little bit more :) Thanks for posting that
always remember that jesus even said that we are special we are on this earth for him for a reason but it's not our business to find out that reason only till judgement day!!!! comes and it shall come quiclky!!!! :)
hugs and kisses what we need in this world !! lol !!! :) we need love majorly
I think that a lot of people these days (especially girls!) Don't realize their value anymore. I wish that were different.):
with so many bullies and such they need love and that's what thier trying to show us
yup i just wish there wasn't so much hurting and suffering today in this worldd and struggling and the eonomy and etc. that's why we have God thank goodness!!! :)
That would be an amazing poster!! luv it...
it's the matter of fact wether cna i do i it's im going to do it ex: just do it!! :) don't negative into your life your not going to go far in the future if you have that kind of attitude ;)
with the bullies out there that think that they are funny but aren,t sure can hurt people felling,s
bullies aren't funny at all!!! they just need love attention and someone that cares for them and that's jehovah!!!
fat girls are bullied and skinny girls are bullied, its all the same. Love whats inside:)
this quote is very important and awsome just love it!!!!
I agree with all but one ? We are all equal
That is cool where do u get those pics like that?
this thing is true !
this explains every girl!
Thank you melissa for sharing this very nice quote..this is me no one can replace.:-)
Brittany tallahuse you are very special and beautiful remember God loves you Google (whirlpool galaxy) find out what's in the middle and find out how big it is see the symbol God uses too remind us that He loves us all
luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very true and keep a positive attitude :) evereybody needs to know this :)
i agree all the way and if anyone doesent agree THAT IS JUST THE WAY GOD MADE US............................
I agree i should remined my self of that sometimes<3
Yes you are!! ...Just like anybody else...
wish everyone could see that.
All so true....that describe me one hundred percent....yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!
uh no im not im just stupid
you right all people are not irreplaceable  i this one it makes me feel special <3<3  !!!!!!!!
Kady C.
Made my DAY!!
That is something very inspiring for people that are getting bullied or just anyone😃
this is definately reassuring 2 people like me who have depression,anxiety and self-esteem issues... yeah ur probably wondering if i have all 3 and yes i do
encouraging and true about everyone
Is it sad I read that poster and think, "You're unique -- just like everyone else in the world"?
exactly like the other 7,000,000,000+ people...
say it as much as you want but we all know that people will still think this
finnaly the truth, this is the perfect time to hear that
Unfortunately, many organisations operate on the premise that nobody is indispensable and do not develop employee-friendly HR policies.
Ya if only I could tell him...
now this i would recamend this to everyone in every room
Okay. Enough about me. What about you?
Ok this is the script from the Help
Shame shame
all of this is so true and if everyone knew how special and important they are because everyone is born in this world to grow up and make another great change in this world. don't you guys all agree with me?
ahh so if im a shirt and i rip i cant be replaced
if your a shirt whatt??? dood you don't make any sence it's called commen sence you have a brain use it
Everyone should read this everyday, before facing the world.
this is not allways true some people just follow in the path of others and stay in the shadows of there "Friends" they are the tools of the worls.
Cool post. We have the same last name !!! The Internet makes the world a very small place! 
G Notes
Love your post!! :)
...said the Beautiful, Worthy, Important, Special, Unique, Wonderful & Talented +Melissa Bagley 
why should I believe in this ?   others dont think of me as this.
Something every child should be told.
that last one explains why people try to whack you... they know they'll  get rid of you for good since there's no chance of having another one like you
Nice words of inspiration.  Can I get others to appreciate it too!?
You are alive and that's a great start! Chitra
This just can't be true for everybody; otherwise, it would be true for nobody.
In a day and time where everyone appears to be desensitized, this is a positive message. Be well.
it means respect always yourself  to be what we are so  yaar we all are unique hats off to all of us
Yea! Sometimes we forget who we are, it's a nice reminder! 
I love my body a lot can't someone else do it
Don't love y/ourself too much though +Melissa Bagley some people become too much after thinking highly of themselves and in the end, they look down on others. Just be normal & proportionate about y/ourself! Nothing is perfect mind you ;-)
true lines of optimism.
That is the truest thing I have ever heard
really? do u think i do all those darn stuff????
I AM!!!!!
You are unique... just like everybody else.. :P 
get the irony? lol
but nice one... :)
thats so superb 2 encourage sm1's day........its so cute
we must all believe this,,,,nice one
That's very nice.
Does this apply to Fred and Rose West ? 
Funny who many people either suffer from either superiority or inferiority complexes. We need a balance.
you is kiiiind, you is smaaart, you is impotant.!!! lol
None of this is really true. This is a horrible platitude. What matters is that you are valuable to those around you. In the wider world most of us are not worth much. There is always someone that's more of those things than you are, and you are not unique either. Its important to realise that and accept it and go on a journey to better yourself, instead of deceiving yourself into thinking you are great just the way you are. You are acceptable, but we all can do a little better, try a little harder, learn a little more, be a little more humane. Think about it.
evryone is unique in nature n characteristics
Ok .. I will keep it in my mind
Thats true ,only when you believe in yourself
That's great I really needed to read something like that right now :)
that is ok and you are cool !!!!!
every thing is right about me but idk bout irreplaceable
Joan H
Thank you so much iknow that,but thanks for that
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