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Hey you guys! Check out this adorable shirt I won from +Neatorama! They post regularly but only recently started posting publicly, so you should go circle them too, while you're at it. :)

For anybody who wants to know if there is a hidden meaning to the shirt, the critter portrayed is an axolotl. I'll let you do your own research beyond that. 
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How do you keep your manuals clean and in order?

I gave up and pitched most of them but the uber rare and just relied on online data.

Yer automotive battle station--I jelly.
+Rusty Van Horn you may be jealous, but you should know that we keep them clean and easily accessible only because we live in constant fear of our antiquated computers going down. I'd rather have Alldata on a reliable machine. :P
There is a theory that says human:chimpanzee::axolotl:salamander.
it boring to do an investigation but Ooooohhhh
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