Inspired by +Terrence Lui's recent post, I'm curious what features or design changes people would like to see in the desktop or mobile versions of Google+.  My wishlist goes something like this:

Ability to drag circles up to the top bar to "pin" them there
Ability to view photos by circle (didn't we have this before?)
Ability to pin saved searches over/under the Trending section
Full chat list like Gmail has
Dedicated button either on the left or top navigation bar to go to the notifications page
Ability to preview posts from a shared circle before adding everybody in it
Incoming Stream!!!!!!

Ability to view/add shared circles
Ability to view the last few comments on a post like the old version had  :(
Incoming Stream!!!!!!

Other than that I think mobile is in pretty good shape, now that we can edit posts.

What would you like to see?
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