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I may give SoCal crap from time to time, but boy do they have some amazing car people. Where else are you going to find houses with vintage Porsches in the living room?
It all started with an innocent off-the-cuff remark. We had just wrapped a day driving and shooting in the canyons outside of Los Angeles. It was one of those perfect days with simultaneously the right amount of planning and spontaneity. There had been a plan, but it evolved into something even better than we could …
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There was a story.. about a dude who has a 512. He got a ramp built so he can park it in his house..

It was a top end Arch style house. I believe it was a mid-century modern property.

The neighbors around the dude lobbied against the Ferrari guy.
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"Hey, I feel like there's a big lump developing at the back of my head... can you look to see if there's anything there?"
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Absolutely gorgeous 
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How does your emotional well-being rate when you're driving? Hyundai thinks they have a test that can answer that!

Interestingly, the report from the initial study seems to indicate that women have more anger behind the wheel than men (from a study of 1000 British men and women as self reported). My score was 118, but I wonder how scores would change if everybody asked their partners to respond on their behalf. Do you think your score would go up or down?
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I know I've been complaining quite a bit about Google lately, but they're still doing some pretty amazing things. My favorite new toy is Android apps on Chromebooks. I just installed The Room 3 on my 2015 Pixel, and it's the most natural and intuitive experience I've ever had playing any of The Room games. Seriously, if you have access to a Pixel or Flip, give it a shot because it feels like this is the way it's supposed to be.
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I'm looking forward to October 4 and Google home! 
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No matter what your stance is on gun control, the "system" we have in the United States for tracing firearms is mindblowingly bad/nonexistent. The article is fairly long, but it's absolutely worth reading if you have any interest in data, guns, security, political lobbyist groups, crime, or detective work. Basically it all boils down to one incredibly dedicated individual and his willingness to turn his brain into a gun-tracking computer.

Excerpt: "There is no national database of guns. We have no centralized record of who owns all the firearms we so vigorously debate, no hard data regarding how many people own them, how many of them are bought or sold, or how many even exist.

What we have instead is Charlie."
It happens here, in a massive West Virginia building, in the most absurd way possible.
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You would be interested to know, that we had a long gun federal database here.

I say, had, because the previous elected government passed an omnibus law to get rid of it, on cost of maintenance grounds, but anyone who knows Stephen Harper politics, can tell you it had all to do with lobbying and nothing else.

There was a court case, to save the data, so provinces could implement their own registries, and the federal government fought and ultimately won, not to share that very publicly owned data.

If there was any illusion of how a government is supposed to be for the people, even if it is a tight rope act between lobbyists and us, we know where they tend to fall. 
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This study appears to show that men tend to avoid compromise and take extreme positions when they're dealing exclusively with other men, but when a woman is involved they are happy to meet in the middle. If this trend holds true among the general population, then there is a crystal clear reason we should strive to incorporate more women into management and government.
Compromise always occurs among two decision makers when a woman is involved (female pairs or mixed gender pairs) because compromise is consistent with feminine norms. It hardly ever occurs when the decision makers are both men because extremism is a more masculine trait; men tend to push away from compromise options and choose extreme options in order to prove their masculinity in presence of other men, suggests a new study. The findings are pert...
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+JP Lizotte
My other half watches the films she watches -- exclusively a single type... while I have a varied selection (mostly the absolute opposite the type she watches).

I have compared my other half and I to Israel and or the U.S in many occasions. Comparo works... very well.

I would say.. comprimise occurs best in situations like Israel and the U.S:
For recent years under the Obama administration it is mostly hands off, knowing Israel can handle itself. --- A sign of the 6mo old Paris bombing issues as retaliation against Israel.
For years during Clinton, Israel and the U.S had a easy relationship. Israel needed one thing, U.S needed another.
During Bush 1 and 2 admins... they didnt know how to treat Israel or what to do. But they knew what they wanted . . .

SO... comprimise is a complicated concept in many facets. As far as nailing it down between the sexes involving character traits.... might as well throw a dart at a board blind folded for more concrete info.

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Huh. Apparently I'm from three years in the future. Nice to know I'll still be on Android.
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+Robert Le Blah
No, Im sure hes the only one who survived it.
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For those of you in the United States who plan on voting for one of the two major party candidates, what would the other candidate have to do to earn your vote? And if you're voting for a third party candidate, which of the main two would be your backup and how could they get your support?

Please refrain from responding if your answer is some variant of "nothing", as I don't feel that is very productive to this discussion. Thank you!
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Sadly I think my viewpoint will be largely despised by most of you. . .
I feel that adherence to the ideals, values and goals as laid out in the constitution are paramount. Sadly too many of our personal freedoms are being eroded away in the name of "for the good of the people"
As much as I wish a third part or more candidate would have a chance, I don't think wasting a vote will help. Sadly I must choose a candidate that will come closest to preserving my above started beliefs. That being said, neither option at this time is a great choice. 
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Like I haven't already spent enough money today (thanks, Google). If you're into minimalism and cars, you can probably find something you want here.
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+David Schmidt yeah, if John weren't an Android developer then we might not have bought the new devices, at least not right away. But we're looking at both of them as an investment for his work, which makes it a lot easier to justify the purchase price.

You're right in that I haven't been very active on G+ lately, but sadly I haven't replaced it with anything else. I've just been pretty buried in work and personal stuff, but I plan to balance things out a bit better in the future. :)
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We went on vacation with friends and family last week, and we spent much of our time discussing the shifting landscape in the tech world. John and I are diehard Google fans and have brought countless people into the fold, but our reasons and motivation for doing so have been diminishing for years now as the company provides ever more evidence that they don't care about influencers like us. We soldier on because we want so badly for their products to reach the potential we see in them, and because nobody has provided a viable alternative thus far. But if the company doesn't take steps to improve a rapidly souring relationship, we'll consider leaving even if we don't have replacements yet.

I would ask, "Hey Google, are you listening?" but I'm afraid I know the answer.

Great quote that applies to multiple Google products: "So Youtube, I guess in closing... I'll see you next weekend. Same time, same place. You're going to be &*#@!ing trashed. There's a great happy hour around the corner with shots for 1 dollar. You're going to get way too drunk. I'm going to end up taking care of you. You're going to tell me you hate me. You're going to tell me all these terrible things... But I love you. Because you were my friend. And I remember the good days. And I know there's a good person in there, and I will always love you."
I didn't even know about this when I wrote that Google/Pixel thing yesterday ( ). The same themes are here RE: Google/Youtube and the community. DISCLAIMER: NAUGHTY WORDS IN VIDEO

Every time Youtube comes out with a stupid idea we're obligated to say "Hey Youtube... I love you buddy...". He's like this friend who is constantly drunk, and you love him because you grew up with him. You're like "I know you're a good guy somewhere deep down inside because I remember when we were friends we used to have a great time, and I'm not going to give up on you..."

"But you're always drunk, you're always starting shit, you're a menace to be around, I can't stand you.... But I remember the good times, and so I'm always going to be here to try to help guide you to being well again.

You see it over and over. The above quote is not from an engineer. People want to love you again, Google. You think and act like you don't need them, but I think you do. Right now you've been coasting on old friendships, but even best friends will eventually leave if there's no reason for the friendship to exist any more.
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I've been trying to avoid the current political fray in the US, but this is too ridiculous not to share. You all remember that doctor's letter Trump was waving around a few months ago that said his health is "astonishingly excellent" and that he would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency"? It turns out the doctor who "wrote" the letter actually died in 2010. Y'know, unless it just happened to be the other Dr. Jacob Bornstein gastroenterologist who worked at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York for 40 years.
Donald Trump is talking about Hillary Clinton’s health as are two doctors who have never evaluated Clinton. They have apparently diagnosed her with all kinds of ailments using the l…
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Mr. Trump has never EVER EVER EVER................EVER ..use alcohol or tobacco products......haaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa
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This is what you'd get if you went back in time and described an e-book reader to a print shop. "It's a book full of other books!"

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My wife would love that!
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