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I'm missing the mountains today. There is something just so wild and beautiful about a mountain, and it remains one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Lucky for me I'm heading to the great Pacific Northwest next week. Looking forward to getting more shots like this one. The castles and cathedrals can wait :)
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Great shot!
What lens have you used in this shot? 
+Meleah Reardon just another validation, that the kit lenses are usable at all (of course they are not the best, but they can bring great results). :)

What do you think about this photograph?
I took it with the Nikon kit lens. :)
We have a TON of cool mountain places for taking snaps here in the PNW!
I hope you have a great trip and get some wonderful photos! This is a great one!
Need anyone to carry your luggage? lol
Swept to the snowy peaks this time! Have a wonderful visit!
A beautiful photograph comes from the person pressing the shutter. This is an amazing shot, +Meleah Reardon!
PNW is home and one of my fav places in the world.
Beautiful shot. One of my favourite places and where my wife and I got married.
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