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New Website Launch + Print Giveaway!

Hi friends! I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new website,, from which you are now able to purchase prints of my work! I will also be providing HDR tips and tutorials for anyone wishing to learn more about HDR photography, and will also work to feature and promote the talent of many skilled photographers on G+ in need of more exposure. Much time and effort has gone into making this site, and I'm happy to first share it here with my awesome G+ community. You all are the best!

In celebration of this launch, and as a thank you for all your support, I'm giving away three 8x10 high quality prints of this image of Mount Rundle. To enter, simply re-share this post, and I will pick three people at random from those who share it. The drawing will occur on Monday morning, and I will print and ship on on Tuesday.

Photo Location: Mount Rundle - Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Taken from a single RAW

Thank you!
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Well if the shots are all this good you're gonna get rich from web print purchases :)

Lovely shot +Meleah Reardon
wonderful image. Best wishes on the launch !
I like your new site, congrats!
Very reasonably priced prints there!
Super mooi kleurenspel....prachtig foto...
Wunderschönes Farbspiel sehr gutes Foto.
Wonderful colours in this pic. Thank you!
Well done on the site layout and integration. Very easy to navigate and use, love it. Nice to see Smugmug for the gallery/print section. Their service is great.

Not to mention your photography is just beautiful and always a joy to look at. Keep up the fantastic work!
Thanks for the great shot of home! I grew up not far from Mt. Rundle and it was a landmark on our frequent family trips into Calgary.
Nice looking site. I lived in England as a kid, so really enjoy the shots of the landmarks there...
Congratulations, +Meleah Reardon on the launch of your new site!! I'm so happy for you! I want to thank you for sharing with us your knowledge of HDR with us! It will be super useful for me to learn some more post-processing techniques.
Joe Tee
Love that photo!!

When I first saw it though, I half expected the rest of Conan O'Brien's head to rise up since you caught such a great shot of his hair! +Team Coco
Great tutorial on how to get started on HDR.
Joe Tee
serenity now!!
werez mi guitar =-= mewowz rRr=-=9
These photographs are incredible! I'd +1 that >_>
Very interesting! I'll probably be ordering some prints for my office soon!
those are really good prints
Mesmerizing. Just gorgeous. Very best wishes for your new site!
Great Website and great picture :)
Jeff Lo
...and that is only one of many great pictures in the website!
oh my god!!! that's beautiful!!!
Happy to share your wonderful work.
I love the different blues in this
That is awesome with the yellow pulled in, interesting.
That mountain looks like it!
Great work. I checked your available HDR work for prints, amazing:)
This is a pretty picture :)
did u do tht by urself or what cuz tht is sick wit it.. now why isnt tht ur "avatar"
Stunning, love the reflection and colour.
great shot!
I love HDR too; the result is always amazing
AWEsome! I live near the Rockies in Canada and before I expanded post I figured it had to be somewhere near Banff. Thanks so much for sharing and I'll definitely check out your new site!
Great shot with amazing colors !! Can you share which equipment you were using ?
Great colors and use of the reflections.
Holy frijole... That's BEAUTIFUL!!!
DW Lee
This is where the water and the mountain touch the sky.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful like a haven
no kidding that's is the cool thing ever
that is really pretty!
idk how people find photos like these, but they are always amazing! :D
+Konstantin Klein I know, right? It's just like my dream, too, where I'm about to soar through the sky, looking down on a place like this. Also, +Meleah Reardon, is there any chance you could make that into a screen saver?
I love that golden color over the mountain... Magnificent!
WOW! It's a very beautiful picture! I love it~!
Nice picture! Pls more!
u are nice gril.i wante one friend
Wow, very nice photo. It looks like something you'll find on a Microsoft desktop wallpaper :)
Lovely Dear
A Fine Good Morning to you
shows just how GREAT my GOD is huh?!?!
Nak Kh's so beautiful !
wowo tr
very verrryyyyyy fantastic pic,,,,,,,,,,
nice image of the golden mountain i dont think they is a golden mountain in the world did you use photo shop
wow good shot n its natural beauty...
tebrikler güzel bir çalışma olmuş :)
Check out the sun on that mountain!
I sure could use a vacation there, whereis this place.
mo cho
beautiful scenery
More Wounder beautiful nature part of the earth... realy clear & nice...
Very nice - you obviously have the eye and talent.......thanks for sharing
Chit Po
subhanallah Alloh maha segalanya,,,,
Ed Luke
Said it before, and I'll say it again...superb images!!!!
Words cannot discribe the real beauty of this photo.
Beautiful shot, reflection and colors.
I think u r one of the best hd photogaphers

I would be honored to have some of your works to post in my bb in redding ca
Wow!!! The greatest photo i have ever seen:( Totally fantastic!!!, Remarkable!!! Your website is the greatest!!!!!
congratulation and i love dat pic keep up the good work!!
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