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I'm getting ready to write a rant about annoying profile photos/avatars. What are the most irritating ones you've seen?
Operation: Conquer's profile photoCory Smith's profile photoFrancis Thibault's profile photoWord Beeps's profile photo
[quickly reevaluating my profile photos before commenting]
The young, sexy, beautiful, barely-dressed girl that looks nothing like the unibrow man who's profile it is.
Since mine is an #autoawesome I'm sure some find it annoying when animating. Lol

Personally, I hate when people have low res pics that look like they were taken with a web cam, circa 1998.
I think these are the the ones that come to mind: 

1. Pictures with duck face pictures
2. The tough guy look pictures
3. Mirror pictures! 

all annoying. In that order (1>2>3)
1)  My own.  2) Goatse. (If you've never seen the latter, it's NSFAnything.)
Rant first. Then we talk.
You guys are all good. (I'm not happy with mine either.) But I'm thinking mostly about chest hair pics.
Ok here's a few more:  Celebrity/cartoon characters that are not of the person, couple pictures (especially if it's a photo of their significant other and they are either not present or diminished), pictures of their children or pets instead of them, people trying to look gangsta when they're really just a middle school kid in rural Pennsylvania, zoomed in picture of a random body part, obscured photos such as wearing hoodies, etc.
Anything that isn't a picture of the actual user. For example, I see a couple of people who have a picture of Spock. Up above in this thread is what looks to me like a genericized soldier, but when I pause over it, the larger view is some sort of a metal person. Those all suck. Oh, and the ones with pictures of your kids in them. If you must have the kids in photos, put them on your cover photo, not your profile. Mine is a picture of ME in cosplay outfit (as a random STNG character, but it is ME in that outfit).
I hate avatars of people bitching about avatars. I kid I kid. :)
1 mine I'm not photogenic at all IMHO.
2 animated gifs they drive my ADHD brain crazy. If I wanted to know who you are then I would click on your link. You don't need "bling, bling" to get my attention.

People that use team logos. Just who do they think........... er, never mind.
Couples who share the same avatar(a picture of them) 
why would any actually annoy anyone?
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